Top 5 Weirdest End Zone Celebrations

Top 5 Weirdest End Zone Celebrations
  1. Ezekiel Elliot mimes pulling Dak Prescott’s shirt down, then mimes beating him. Then Cole Beasley mimes being a judge and Elliot mimes filing an appeal with him
  2. Ben Roethlisberger pretends to be a baby, Juju Smith-Schuster pretends to change his diaper. Then both players glare at a sidelined Martavis Bryant
  3. Devin Funchess scores, then reenacts the opening scene from The Last Boy Scout, running down the field pretending to shoot teammates
  4. Paul Perkins scores, and acts totally shocked. His teammates run over with identical looks of surprise on their face, then carry Perkins off field on their shoulders
  5. Doug Baldwin scores a touchdown. Russell Wilson pretends to be an actress walking past Baldwin, who blocks his way. Meanwhile, Jimmy Graham runs over and pretends to be a potted plant. [Editor’s note: We are NOT printing the rest of this]



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