Fantasy Football: Start or Sit Ameer Abdullah in Week Eight?

You know, if you’re playing fantasy football, you want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch the players in ideal matchups is the real test, and to win the league is your cause. You travel across the web, searching stats far and wide. You read them all to understand the sleepers deep inside. Really, if you think about it, fantasy football is one big game of real-life Pokémon. You’re trying to take advantage of matchups and strengths, and avoid weaknesses. You carry a diverse roster to swap players in when the matchups don’t go in your favor, all to be the very best. This week’s recommended running back, Ameer Abdullah, fully harnesses the power of Pokémon strengths and weaknesses to slice-and-dice the Steelers defense and score more fantasy points faster than you can say Pikachu.

If I got something wrong or whatever about Pokémon, don’t @ me. I haven’t played any new Pokémon games in like half a lifetime. Just be happy you’re getting the accented E, nerds.

Steel is weak to Ground
In the Pokémon universe, the Ground-type attacks deal double the damage to Steel-type Pokémon. In real life, the Steelers are weak to the Ground game. The Steelers have already given up over 100 yards to four different running backs in seven games this year, and Abdullah is likely to be the next beneficiary. The Steelers are a next-level pass defense this year, and the only way to attack them is with the running back. It works out pretty well for the backs, too, as the Steelers allow 4.7 yards per carry this year.

Runningbacks used pass catching, it’s Super Effective!
The Steelers also gave up at least three receptions to five different backs this year and have given up the seventh-most catches to RBs this year (40). While that’s a Theo Riddick game in the past, Theo Riddick is gone now (just in spirit, he’s still on the roster). Those catches in space will help Abdullah sidestep the god-awful Lions offensive line and allow him to work in space.

Remember what Ash Ketchum taught you, that a ground attack defeats steel, and throw Ameer Abdullah in as an RB2 this week. He’s better suited as a flex, but the Steelers have literally given up 100+ yards more often than not to a running back so far this year. He might actually end Detroit’s no-100-yard-rusher streak this weekend, if he gets the volume. Ameer Abdullah, I choose you!

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