NFL Power Rankings, Week Four – Nevertheless, Chiefs Persisted

It was a weird, wacky and wild week in the NFL. You had teams taking knees and refusing to show up. This happened both before and during the game. There’s a lot of moving and shaking in this week’s power rankings. Only two teams maintained their power rankings from last week. Below is the definitive power rankings for all 32 teams in the NFL. Don’t even bother looking anywhere else.


Rank Last Week Team Thoughts
1 1 Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith throwing deep balls is still incredibly uncomfortable.
2 3 New England Patriots Tom Brady is a robot and will play for 5,000 years and preside over several of the nation-states that rise from the ashes of the United States of America.
3 4 Atlanta Falcons Technically beat the Lions. Technically.
4 2 Oakland Raiders Went cross-country and got shellacked against Washington. It felt like they never even got off the plane.
5 8 Tennessee Titans Held serve against Seattle at home in an impressive effort. Showed they’ll get hinky with play calling and have no problems stacking DeMarco Murray & Derrick Henry.
6 6 Green Bay Packers Barely beat a Bengals team that lost to Deshaun Watson last week.
7 11 Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Lawrence destroyed the entire Cardinals offensive line. Dak Prescott is still very much young but has enough playmaking ability to overcome it.
8 5 Pittsburgh Steelers No top-five team loses to Chicago, especially when Chicago just literally gives away free points.
9 7 Denver Broncos Jamaal Charles is going to get in on the action more. With Siemian getting picked off twice (and almost a third time), so might Paxton Lynch or Brock Osweiler.
10 9 Seattle Seahawks Their offensive line cost them the game in Tennessee, full stop. Their defense gave up a big running day yet again.
11 12 Detroit Lions Nothing to be ashamed of going blow-for-blow with the defending NFC champs and literally losing by inches.
12 17 Minnesota Vikings Case Keenum might not hurt them as much as we thought… though he probably will.
13 14 Philadelphia Eagles Looked dominant for three quarters then like garbage for the fourth. Now they’ve lost Darren Sproles forever.
14 16 New Orleans Saints The Saints offense hummed against a Panthers defense that hadn’t allowed a TD all season. They also get Willie Snead back next week.
15 13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jameis Winston’s two back breaking picks show he’s in the good, not great tier. Losing Lavonte David is going to hurt a lot.
16 18 Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins thoroughly answered questions about the Washington offense, and provided footnotes. The defense chewed up the previously #2 Raiders, too.
17 15 Carolina Panthers Cam Newton isn’t right yet; sub-200 yards and three picks against an awful Saints D.
18 20 Los Angeles Rams The offense putting up 41 points on the Niners is great. The Niners putting up 39 on the defense is very bad.
19 10 Baltimore Ravens They did know there was a game in London, right?
20 21 Buffalo Bills Shady McCoy threw a harsher burn on the Broncos than he did Donald Trump, and he threw a pretty harsh one on Trump.
21 22 Houston Texans I was wrong about Deshaun Watson. Went toe-to-toe with the big boys and punched Touchdown Tom in the mouth
22 28 Chicago Bears Impressive overtime to take down the Steelers
23 23 New York Giants Looked like the same ol’ sorry New York Football Giants for three quarters then went Super Saiyan. No offensive line, no run game, no chance.
24 25 Arizona Cardinals Losing David Johnson has destroyed this team. Palmer isn’t as cooked as once thought, but gets rocked once off the spot. Bad behind a broken O-line
25 29 Jacksonville Jaguars Stomped the Ravens in London. Is Blake Bortles elite? The defense is showing it just might be.
26 19 Miami Dolphins This offense regressed wildly in their second offering against a bad defense.
27 26 Indianapolis Colts Jacoby Brissett is 2/2 for having decent games. It still isn’t enough for them to beat anyone but the Browns.
28 27 Cincinnati Bengals Almost took out Aaron Rodgers & Co. Bill Lazor has the offense humming again with a novel concept: giving the ball to their best players.
29 24 Los Angeles Chargers Hey at least they didn’t lose to a missed field goal this time!
30 31 Cleveland Browns DeShone Kizer showed the highs (three touchdowns) and lows (three interceptions) of having an electric rookie QB.
31 30 San Francisco 49ers Defense is still a mess but the offense showed promise with a near-comeback on TNF.
32 32 New York Jets Welcome to the NFL, Jets.

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