Running Back 1

Youth trumps experience in this league, so you put DeShaun Watson squarely in your QB1 slot. On the third play from scrimmage, Watson attempts to sprint for a first down, but takes a hard hit to the ribs. It’s a fracture, he’ll be out for the rest of the game. Next time, don’t get risky with a mobile QB when you have a solid alternative.

Fantasy football choose your own adventure

Your RB1 slot is for the skillful back you think will get the most carries. This week you’ve got the choice between DeMarco Murray and Leonard Fournette. Murray is a steady producer, but age has caught up with him. However, he plays the buttery soft Cincinnati defense. Fournette has a tougher matchup against Baltimore’s defensive line, but he is the leading rusher this year and will probably get 20-25 carries.

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