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Football Absurdity has partnered with (they bought FanDuel). Fantasy geniuses who use the promo code ABSURDITY will get a free $3 entry. You could win HUNDREDS of dollars and, let’s be honest, the person who wins will probably be using a BeerSheet. has lots of tournaments to scratch that August fantasy football itch. We’re liking their Best Ball tournaments, where you draft a team and just forget about it until it’s time to collect your winnings.


Register a new account on, deposit some spare cash (it’s just a $10 minimum deposit!), use the promo code ABSURDITY, and we’ll also give you our $7 GIANT draft kit for free. That’s almost 450 pages of player profiles, rookie roundups, sleepers, breakouts and busts. Just send us your signup name so we can get you access. (Note: Many people took advantage of this promo before the draft kit was ready, if that’s you just reach out to us at footballabsurdity at and we’ll hook it up).