Chicago Bears: A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

There is no question the Bears offseason has been a tale of two quarterbacks.  In free agency, the Bears signed Mike Glennon.  Then in the draft, the Bears traded up from the 3rd pick to the 2nd to draft Mitchell Trubisky.  Two new quarterbacks on the roster, but the questions for both are the same – did the Bears overpay?  With Glennon, the issue was the 3 year, $45 million contract given to a career backup with 18 career starts.  For Trubisky, the concern was the two 3rd round and 4th round picks traded to move up one spot.  And with one preseason game under their belt, the quarterback controversy just went into overdrive.

On Thursday, Glennon completed 2 of10 passes with one interception returned for a touchdown and a quarterback rating of 0.0.  Do you know who else had a quarterback rating of 0.0?  Me.  Waleed, sitting at home on his recliner in his boxer briefs had the exact same quarterback rating as a man the Bears are paying $15 million to start at quarterback this year.  The argument could be made that I had a more positive affect on the Bears game than Mike Glennon.  I didn’t have a single incompletion.  I didn’t throw any interceptions.

Then in the second half, when all hope seemed lost, Mitchell Trubisky ascended from the heavens to lay waste to the opposing team.  Trubisky completed his first eight passes, which was really impressive, because usually when a Bears quarterback shows that much success, they immediately burst into flames.  Trubisky imposed his will on a bunch of players who, come midseason, will be working the drive thru at various fast food chains.  And for the first time in years, Bears fans felt hope.

There is one obvious conclusion that can be drawn.  IT’S THE FREAKING PRESEASON!  WHO CARES? People are getting very excited in Chicago about Trubisky and upset about Glennon in a game where the coaches didn’t even scheme.  Don’t take the preseason too seriously.  I’ve seen the Detroit Lions go undefeated in the preseason and when the regular season came around, became the Detroit Lions.  Michell Trubisky did what he was supposed to do.  Mike Glennon did not.  But all in all, it probably didn’t mean anything.