Tank Dell 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Nathaniel “Tank” Dell, Houston (5’8”, 165) 

What Scouts Say:

Versatile offensive weapon who can play all over; quick, snappy route runner with a strong release. Big play athlete that can take any ball to the house, but has injury concerns. Will be limited to a slot role at the next level due to size concerns. Makes all the catches, but ran a spread offense and has a limited route tree at this point. Great acceleration, short area separator, worked inside and outside in college. Would be the lightest starting WR in the league at his weight. Not the best route runner, and has drop issues. 

What We Saw: 

Tank Dell is a supercharged skinny guy that wins with two things: an excellent release off the line, and deep speed. His route running is not what I would call crisp, and he isn’t going to win a ton of contested catches. His separation comes quickly off the line or when he turns the burners on because he struggles at the top of his route and uses his good footwork to get space out of breaks. He has a few drops, but he also had a lot more production left on the field as a result of bad QB play. If he goes to an offense that lets him move around the formation, gets him the ball with forward momentum, and gives him a big-armed QB, he could be a major steal. I don’t think he is successful in every scheme, however. My desire to draft him in dynasty will depend a lot on where he goes in the draft. 


Tank was the bright side of having to slog through Tune’s tape. At first, I thought it was just a guy who was making low-level competition look bad, but the more I watched the more talent I saw. Good but not elite downfield speed but did have the ability to get separation and make guys miss initially to get open. Very good with the ball in his hands(which are great), lateral speed, and elusiveness can get some big YAC with burst speed. Not the best blocker as he would tend to give up on routes when half the plays were his QB doing his best Mariotta impression into getting murdered by the defensive line, but I’d do the same thing. Played in most positions on the field as he was the best talent on the team, so he can do it at all levels if required. For being a smaller guy he was not afraid to go up and grab that ball or initiate first contact. He’ll go down after that contact but that extra yard is 0.1 points for you so I’ll take it. Smaller school, a smaller frame so he’ll probably end up as a 4th or 5th-round draft pick so take him in the late 3rd and appreciate the value that fell to you, I know I will. POST COMBINE UPDATE: YIKES

Player Comparison:

Quez Watkins

Grade: Late 3rd, 4th round Dynasty draft pick

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