Dalton Kincaid 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Dalton Kincaid, Utah (6’4”, 240)

What Scouts Say:

Plays like a WR and attacks the ball in traffic. Undersized and would be one of the smallest TEs in the NFL. Older (24) and not an elite athlete. Strong blocker. FORMER BASKETBALL PLAYER. Great route runner and sure-handed. More of a jumbo slot than a pure tight end. Also some disagreement about his blocking ability.

What We Saw:

Dalton Kincaid is a big slot WR in the body of an undersized TE. He moves like a WR, runs crisp routes, and catches with his hands in traffic, on the sidelines, and at all three levels. He’s a threat in the TE screen game, as well. His blocking is extremely hit-or-miss, but let’s just say you don’t want him tasked with handling an edge rusher or DE on his own. He has decent speed but not elite breakaway stuff, will outmuscle smaller DBs. Kincaid is going to be a matchup plus (not a game breaker) for the offense that drafts him, but only if he is put in a situation where he can be planned into the offense. Players at the next level will be able to match his speed, but his craftiness with the ball in his hands and at the catch point will make him successful in the league.


It’s the year of the rabbit but it’s also the year of the slot player because this class is STACKED to the brim with players who love the slot, including Kincaid. This is just a big ass receiver, straight up. He’s a better route runner than some of the top WR prospects, he’s just slower. Kincaid isn’t fast but he does have burst at the line. Not the best blocker, but I appreciate the effort and like Musgrave, line him up to get me catches, blocks aren’t a fantasy stat. The ball is always going to be his when he is given an area to catch, or he’s going to take it from you. Good concentration and eyes for the ball with the ability to manipulate his body to set up defenders to look goofy. Even though he isn’t hyper-athletic, he commands targets, as shown by his production across his collegiate career. I can see why big, bad Bill Belicheck loved his 2 TE sets.

Player Comparison:

David Njoku

Grade: Draft around Musgrave, 3rd round dynasty pick

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