Devon Achane 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Devon Achane, Texas A&M (5’9”, 185) 

What Scouts Say:

Split backfield with Spiller in 2021, but still had 910 rush yards and 9 TDs. As the lead back he had 1102 rush yards and 8 TDs. Exceptional speed, is a great receiver. Elite cutting, great in the open field. Explosive, and a strong blocker given his size. Very undersized and will need to fall into a good scheme for him to be successful. Will he be asked/be able to run between the tackles enough to be a consistent asset, or is he limited at the next level to just a pass catcher?

What We Saw: 

Devon Achane was a fun tape to watch, and I enjoyed it knowing there’s not a ton of hope that he can dominate at the next level the way he did in college. I hate size metrics and how they tie to production, but it’s difficult to ignore that he is indeed small. He runs bigger than he is, and he has more speed than anyone I’ve watched so far, but he will be held back at the next level with his frame. He has a lot of moves, always found the crease, waited for his blockers, and has major home run hitter energy. The real question is how much of an opportunity will he get at the next level. 


You want to talk about polarizing, Achane is polarizing for one reason and one reason only, his size. Weight is going to make or break his draft capital and where he ends up in rookie drafts. Even though he proved he could put up almost 300 carries in 2022, the amount of wear and tear that the RB position puts on a player is concerning. Achane has elite break away speed and acceleration, the only problem is he needs to get to the position where he is able to exploit his greatest asset. He’ll need a great oline or an even better scheme to use his skills. Very good pass catcher who can take the check down, the screen, the curl. I’m just not sure how he’s going to fit into a team as he’s going to either get run over or bullied if he’s the 3rd down back. Achane does have patience at the line to see what he has available to him, but that window is miniscule in the NFL and it might see him swallowed whole when he tries to go up the middle. Its not that I don’t believe in Achane, I just need to see a team believe in him to take him where he’s being pegged to be taken in mid feb(early 2nd). Feels a lot like Tony Pollard where he feels undersized and should not be the lead back, but when given the opportunity he is able to make the most while being doubted. Bulk up baby, let’s see you fly. 

Player Comparison:

Nyheim Hines/Lil Tony Pollard 

Grade: Anywhere in the 2nd round of Dynasty drafts 

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