Sean Tucker 2023 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Sean Tucker, Syracuse (5’10”, 202)

What Scouts Say:

Thick build with speed. Patient, works well through congestion. Vision, footwork, low pad level. More tread than other RBs, is not a pure HR hitter and will get brought down from behind in the open field. Not a great pass protector or receiver, may limit his opportunities at the next level. Two years of good production. Less rushing yards in year three, but became more of a receiving threat. 2.0 ADOT, indicates he goes downfield more. Also ran 16% of his 297 routes from the slot this year. Great footwork, dead leg move, and breakaway speed. Dawg on the wheel route, but not a great pass blocker. Has had problems with drops.

What We Saw:

He’s gonna get good draft capital because he’s extremely well-rounded, and NFL GMs aren’t playing fantasy football. He’s a good back that will demand to be the alpha in a shared backfield. He can line up as a WR, run strong routes, and make catches. He’s a chunk player with pop, but not elite speed. He has fumble issues and lacks the strength that his frame and run style needs in order for him to dominate at the next level. I think Sean Tucker could end up being the second most productive running back in this class for fantasy if his landing spot is perfect, but he isn’t going to get his production because of his elite traits, it’ll be taking advantage of a good blocking line and playcalling.


Boy howdy, Sean Tucker is fun as hell to watch. His tape has a nice variety of right up the gut, bouncing it to the outside, grinding for 3 yards, 50-yard break-out runs, check downs, slot receptions. His vision at the line is great, where he can see the hole develop or close and he moves accordingly. Patience in pressure is a big thing that will elevate his game when he hits the next level. Even with effort on every play, his pass blocking will need work. He is good at chipping but does miss assignments from time to time. An increase of passes across his tenure at Syracuse is very promising even with drops occurring. Tucker is adding more to his game each year and that is something I get excited about. He’s a fat boi who has great acceleration and top end speed when he hits second gear to house it. Immaculate footwork that lets him maneuver around defenders with ease with a sweet hesi move he will use frequently. We’ll see what happens in The NFL when he meets professionals who are used to that type of evasion. He’s going to surprise people where he’s drafted even though people have him as rb5ish.


Player Comparison:

Rhamondre Stevenson/hit the guitar riff, Austin Ekeler

Grade: Late Round 1 Dynasty Pick

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