Detroit Lions 2022 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup

Detroit Lions Rookie Roundup

The Detroit Lions will credibly make it onto some “In the Hunt For the Playoffs” graphics toward the end of the season. Whether or not they make the playoffs likely comes down to a few flips of a coin or a ball bouncing the wrong way here or there. But, the Detroit Lions made a massive turnaround and are likely to end the season around 8-9, which will give them some push for the playoffs. It’s an understatement to say that I am excited about their future. As for their present, and for fantasy football, the Lions took two prospects. One, Jameson Williams, might not contribute this year, not through a lack of talent, but through a lack of health (he is currently recovering from a January ACL tear), and the other, James Mitchell, is a fifth-round depth tight end. Let’s take a look at Williams and Mitchell for 2022 fantasy football!

Rd. Pick Player Pos. College
1 2 Aidan Hutchinson DE Michigan
1 12 Jameson Williams WR Alabama
2 46 Josh Paschal DE Kentucky
3 97 Kerby Joseph DB Illinois
5 177 James Mitchell TE Virginia Tech
6 188 Malcolm Rodriguez LB Oklahoma St.
6 217 James Houston LB Jackson St.
7 237 Chase Lucas DB Arizona St.
Round 1, Pick 12 Overall: Jameson Williams, Wide Receiver, Alabama (6’1” 179 lbs)

Jameson Williams was one of the fastest guys in college football last season, and it’s a shame that we didn’t get to see him run at the combine. That’s because a January ACL tear stole his talent, but as we saw, not his NFL upside. Williams went as the fourth wide receiver off the board in the first round, though arguably he likely would have just leapfrogged the two Ohio State guys, and not past Drake London, if he was fully healthy going into 2022. Williams has good (not great) hands and is a bit svelte for the NFL, but it doesn’t matter because his speed (not size) is what plays for him.  Williams, ultimately, is a field stretcher and a deep-ball specialist who has the chops to develop into a true #1 wide receiver. But he is very good at those things, so long as there aren’t any defenders around. He’s pretty weak in traffic and doesn’t play well against contested catches, or underthrown balls, which are the things that stand in the way of him becoming the true #1 receiver he can become.


Jameson is currently recovering from an ACL tear that he suffered in the National Championship Game. Unfortunately for Williams, he’s also a stylistic mismatch for Jared Goff, who doesn’t exactly profile as a deep-ball specialist. He’s a great player who will be incredible in the future, and this wasn’t a pick to worry about the present. Williams is a player to monitor this offseason, as he could be ready to go early on in the season. If that happens, we could see him immediately transform the Lions’ offense.


I feel like he isn’t a player you have to worry about in your draft, but should be incredible in the future for the Lions.  If he gets a clearance to play early in the season, I’d make sure I keep him on my DFS Rolodex and throw a speculative pick up on him, but I have a feeling I likely won’t have to worry much about him in his rookie year. The Lions have the timeline and the depth to let him essentially redshirt his rookie year. But, should they go full speed ahead, go ahead and snag Jameson Williams to see what happens.

Round 5, Pick 34 Overall: James Mitchell, Tight End, Virginia Tech (6’4” 249 lbs)

Surprise! Guess who else is nursing an injury. Mitchell missed all but two games in 2021 thanks to a September ACL tear. Thankfully, the normal timelines for ACL recovery make him more of a lock to start the season fully healthy than Jameson Williams. Still, I think the Lions got a good depth piece here. He’s a good downfield threat for a tight end, averaging 16.1 yards per reception in college, though on a limited basis. Mitchell had just 52 receptions in 22 games for Virginia Tech, topping 75 yards just twice. Mitchell was more of a steady contributor than a massive stud for Virginia Tech.


Mitchell should be a good rotational and situational piece for Jared Goff and the Lions’ offense in 2022, though I don’t see a lot more than that happening for him, at least not in 2022.


You can safely ignore him for fantasy football.

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