Jahan Dotson 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Jahan Dotson Key Stats:

Wide Receiver, Penn St.
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 178
Plays: A lot bigger than you’d think
RAS: 6.26

Games Watched:
Ohio State, Michigan, Auburn, Wisconsin, Maryland (2020), Michigan State

Positives Scouts Saw:
  • Crisp route runner, excellent footwork 
  • Sure handed with a surprising catch radius for someone his size
  • Home run speed after the catch, sudden at the line
Negatives Scouts Saw:
  • Smaller frame
  • Late breakout age
  • Can get knocked off routes by physical cornerbacks
Positives I Saw:
  • Polished slot/possession WR
  • Runs a wide array of routes well
  • Gets himself open on the scramble drill
Negatives I Saw: 
  • Not great vs press
  • Not an elite separator 
  • Questions if he can beat taller and bigger DBs consistently 
As A Prospect:

Jahan Dotson is a WR with a smaller frame but a quick first step that helps him get separation. A player of his size should not consistently win jump balls as he did in college, and I’m incredibly interested in seeing if NFL teams also want to see him go deep like he did at Penn State. Dotson has polish and is one of the better route runners in the class; he’s up there with Wilson, Olave, and Skyy Moore when it comes to generating separation before the release of the football. As a smaller guy, Dotson needs to be creative to get open, since he struggles when a DB gets hands on him and disrupts his release. Dotson projects as a slot WR in the pros and could get drafted anywhere from the very late 1st to the very late 3rd round in April. 

Fantasy Football Potential:

I don’t think I really want Dotson in redraft at this very moment, though of course if he is picked in the late 1st round I’ll be sure to rush to the Football Absurdity site and edit this paragraph to reflect that. Honestly, I want to see how elusive he could be at the NFL level before I invest in him in redraft leagues. He could be an incredibly intriguing late-round pick, but I don’t think he’s a lock to produce right away. In dynasty, he should be available at the beginning of the second round, which is where I’d gladly pounce. Dotson has the potential to be a breakout player, but I don’t want to risk a late first to bet on that. I’d take at least 6 receivers and 5 running backs over Dotson, but I think he provides the potential for a nice return on investment. 


I like Jahan Dotson’s game a lot. I live in Big Ten country, so my Saturday afternoons this last fall were usually spent watching some of these guys between grading papers, and Jahan Dotson always flashed. I don’t usually like assigning the term “playmaker” to a guy as a descriptor, because it means so many different things- but Jahan Dotson makes plays. He scores in a lot of different ways, he plays big and quick and like a possession guy and a deep threat all at once. Dotson is someone that will be a ton of fun to watch at the next level, and he’s a talent you can get cheaply as of right now. 

Jahan Dotson Reminds Me Of:

Tyler Boyd

Grade: 86/100

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