Jameson Williams 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

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Jameson Williams Key Stats:

Wide Receiver, Alabama
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 179
Very Fast: Jameson Williams is very fast.

Games Watched:
Georgia (2021), Cincinnati, Miami, Georgia (2022), Texas A&M, Arkansas

Positives Scouts Saw:
  • Game breaking speed and angle creator
  • Good hands and route running
  • Excellent deep ball tracker, major home run hitter
Negatives Scouts Saw:
  • Tore his ACL in the Natty, smaller framed player
  • Not ideal vs press, with contested catches, and in traffic
  • Poor blocking
Positives I Saw:
  • Good height for such a burner
  • Impeccable timing of his acceleration both on routes and after the catch
  • Made top tier competition look absolutely foolish on the regular
Negatives I Saw:
  • Relies on body catches too often
  • Smaller route tree
  • Does ACL injury impact his other-worldly speed?
As A Prospect:

Jameson Williams tearing his ACL in the National Championship was the biggest bummer of the entire draft because now we will never truly know how many teams had him as their #1 WR overall. He possesses game-breaking speed, speed that he throttles down and ramps up perfectly depending on the situation. Jameson Williams on tape does the same thing that young Tyreek Hill did: he makes you hold your breath when he has the ball and any green between him and a defender. He has a smaller frame which most likely looked like more of a negative before slender, tall WRs like Hollywood Brown and DeVonta Smith came into the NFL and performed as they did. Jameson Williams is an absolute game-breaker.

Fantasy Football Potential:

If you can wait for him, he will absolutely pay off. I don’t care if it’s redraft and he won’t play until November- I’m stashing him on IR and reaping the rewards. In dynasty, he should go right in the 1.7-1.08 range in Superflex, and he is gonna crush. It’s funny that I started the process more willing to wait for Burks to come around than Williams, because both should really come into their own at the beginning of year 2, and you can get Williams much cheaper. In redraft, I will gladly take Williams in round 8 and stash him for my playoff run. His injury might even land him in a situation with a top-tier QB at the end of the first, and Jameson in Kansas City or Green Bay might just make him WR2. Period.


Jameson Williams is so much fun to watch. You might be reading this instead of watching the tape (since I did it for you!), but you should watch his highlight videos just as a fan of football. Jamo is out there making NFL-level competition look silly on the regular, and when he develops a bigger route tree he can use that elite speed and body control to take any route to the house. Once DBs have to respect more of his repertoire, it opens up his double move potential. I don’t think anyone even in the NFL has the speed to catch up with Williams when he hits that second gear. Jameson Williams could end up being a pure WR1 for the team drafting him, but I project him as a pure deep threat when he returns from injury. The sky’s the limit for Williams, and there is validity to the argument that he might also have a claim to the title of Best Wide Receiver of the 2022 Class. Football Absurdity’s very own WRAnon leader Zacky has Jamo as a “must draft” and tbh he’s probably right, Williams has a clear, very fast path to the overall WR1 of the 2022 rookies.

Jameson Williams Reminds Me Of:

Hollywood Brown

Overall: 90/100

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