Matt Corral 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Matt Corral Key Stats:

Quarterback, Ole Miss
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 212
High Ankle: Sprained in Bowl Game

Games Watched:
Louisville, Austin Peay, Tulane, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, Texas A&M

Positives that Scouts Saw: (Bleacher Report,, PFF)
  • Athleticism
  • Release
  • Consistent deep ball
Negatives that Scouts Saw: (Bleacher Report,, PFF)
  • RPO offense didn’t ask him to make multiple reads very often
  • Arm strength
  • Size
Positives that I Saw:
  • Impressive release and multiple arm angles
  • High football IQ
  • Gorgeous pump fake
Negatives that I Saw:
  • Inconsistent accuracy
  • Tends to hold the ball too long if his first read isn’t available
  • Ball security
Matt Corral as a Prospect:

With a release like Corral’s, he’s going to get a chance. Last year, he combined for almost 4,000 total yards (with 614 on the ground), and 31 touchdowns (11 via the rush). He played against top-tier competition, and maybe didn’t look incredible against them, but at the same time at least he’s already had that exposure. Corral has a great pump fake, can move safeties with his eyes and is a dual-threat quarterback. On the other hand, he isn’t consistent with his intermediate accuracy, he didn’t run a pro-style offense in college, and we have no idea if he can be a more traditional dropback QB that reads the field (which seems to be, uh, pretty important).

Fantasy Football Potential:

Corral could immediately go to a team in round one and be their day one starter, but temper your expectations, you degenerate. If Corral is a day one starter he is going to struggle out the gate, but if he can stay healthy it would be totally reasonable to see him ascend in his second year.


Corral is my #2 quarterback in this class, and it’s because his existing mechanics, release and athleticism tend to be essential in the making of a modern NFL quarterback. Like all the other rookie quarterbacks this year, he is a project and will only go as far as the talent surrounding him can take him. If Corral goes to a talentless team, he could be an instant high-value player at the beginning of his second year, but don’t expect him to win rookie of the year.

*cut to Matt Corral winning Rookie of the Year in 2022 because I am always wrong*

Corral could go in the top 10, he could go to a team in the second round. I think he has first-round capital because, with a developmental piece like him, it’s nice to have that extra year of a rookie contract to build around. I like Corral to the Lions at #32 if they don’t go Willis at #2 overall.

Matt Corral Reminds Me Of:

Tyler Huntley

Grade: 79/100

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