Seattle Seahawks, Sorry For Your Loss!

Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

The close of week five in the NFL was affirming for many clubs. Boy, are there some stinkers, some fakes, and a few legit teams out there. The tragedy is part of sports and if you read this column, you may think well, he’s definitely going to pick Detroit. No. Aside from tragedy, delusion is another cornerstone of fandom. Normally, Thursday night football is the weekly version of whatever garbage teams we send to London. The Rams are starting to cement themselves as real contenders while the hoping, wishing, dreaming Seahawks were cracked down.

I am sorry for your loss, Seattle Seahawks, but your season is over.

For most of my life, I have been reminded every single football season that in 1985, the Chicago Bears were amazing (but not good enough to win twice). In this NFL era, the “Legion of Boom” is the ‘85 Bears. Analysts, fans, and even the Seattle coaching staff drool over the era where the Seahawks could shut down pedestrian quarterback play. Oh, the memories. Let’s be clear. They won the Super Bowl once. Seven years ago (Queue that wonderful song from Frozen).

Seattle’s defensive legacy is now a distant memory, as the Rams and Matthew Stafford shredded them for 365 yards in the air and 476 total yards. Not since 2019, and against the Seahawks, have the Rams put up so many yards in a game (477 yards). Robert Woods alone had 12 receptions for 150 yards on 14 targets on the day thanks to Seattle’s ever-so-kind secondary. The defensive line was able to get just one sack on Stafford. One. On a quarterback who is the antithesis of mobility. Bravo!

Entering the second half with an electrifying 7-3 score, the game opened up once Darrell Henderson ran it in for the Rams’ first touchdown of the game. Later that quarter, Stafford found Higbee for a thirteen-yard strike to take over for good.

Russell Wilson left the game in the third quarter due to an injury to a finger on his throwing hand. Believe it or not, Geno Smith commanded the subsequent drive well, going five for five on passes. The drive ended when he hit DK Metcalf for a 23-yard touchdown to bring Seattle within two points but alas, that was not enough.

Geno had the Seahawks on the brink of a comeback, but Tyler Lockett slipped making his cut and the pass was picked off. Perhaps that is the best way to sum up the Seattle Seahawks in 2021. They were able to hang with the pack until in the critical moment, they just slipped to their own demise.

As the injuries continue to mount year after year, and the defense erodes, one may want to hope the 12th man is a better team doctor or the self-proclaimed “lockdown corner.” They’ll need those in the future, but not this year because their season is over! Sorry, Seahawks!

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