Fantasy Football 2021 One-Sentence Summaries: Rounds 4 through 6

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Do you need a quick rundown on every player drafted in your fantasy football leagues? Look no further than our round-by-round one-sentence summaries for a fantasy football crash course! Below you’ll find one-sentence blurbs for every player taken in rounds four through six in fantasy football drafts. The average draft position comes thanks to aggregation from

Without further ado, your one-sentence summaries for the second set of 36 guys off the board in your fantasy football drafts.

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Round 4 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
37 Amari Cooper DAL WR-15 4.07 4.01 Amari Cooper’s demise has been greatly exaggerated; in games with Dak Prescott, he averages 78 yards per game on 6 catches, but those numbers sound about right for WR15.
38 Chris Carson SEA RB-18 4.08 4.02 Carson has a reputation for being injury-prone, but he’s averaged 14 games played over the last three seasons while averaging over 90 yards per game and 10 touchdowns per sixteen games; he’s incredible value in the fourth round.
39 Kyler Murray ARI QB-3 4.09 4.03 Kyler Murray averaged 28.4 fantasy points before injuring his shoulder against Seattle in week 12; he has the best shot at QB1 out of everyone not named Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, and I don’t hate the draft range here.
40 Miles Sanders PHI RB-19 4.10 4.04 Touches might be a problem for Sanders under the Sirianni system, but he’s so efficient that the hate might have gone too far, here; he averages 4.9 yards per carry and 9.1 yards per reception so far in his career.
41 Julio Jones TEN WR-16 5.01 4.05 The future Hall of Famer switched teams from Atlanta to Tennessee, and faces a system with fewer pass attempts… but Julio had a career-high yard per target in 2020 before injuries wiped away his campaign.
42 Lamar Jackson BAL QB-4 5.02 4.06 Lamar Jackson is the one player that I’m not sure what to do with; he finished as QB1, then QB9, and now he’s going as QB4… do whatever you want, I don’t know!
43 Chris Godwin TB WR-17 5.03 4.07 Chris Godwin as WR17 feels like a steal, but also not one… he missed four games in three different stints last year, but paced out to 80 catches for 1,122 yards and 10 touchdowns in the second half.
44 Kyle Pitts ATL TE-4 5.04 4.08 Please do not take Kyle Pitts as TE4, even if he gets used as a WR, rookie wide receivers notoriously have a terrible time transitioning to the league (about one-in-five taken in the first three rounds returns a top-36 season their rookie year… in 2020 WR36 was about TE4).
45 Josh Jacobs LV RB-20 5.05 4.09 Josh Jacobs is a two-down banger who saw an uptick in targets last season out of desperation; Bryan Edwards’ emergence and the Raiders signing Kenyan Drake destroys that desperation.
46 Mark Andrews BAL TE-5 5.06 4.10 Mark Andrews is quietly one of the most efficient tight ends in the NFL, averaging half a point per route run (#5); it’s a choice between him and T.J. Hockenson if you want to dive into this tier; for my money, I’m going Hockenson.
47 Tyler Lockett SEA WR-18 5.07 4.11 Tyler Lockett is an incredibly disrespected wide receiver who goes as Russell Wilson goes, so if you think Wilson will have a big season, then Lockett will as well; he paced out for 96 catches, 1,094 yards and 13 touchdowns in the Let Russ Cook Era (without the 200 yards, 3 TD game).
48 Cooper Kupp LAR WR-19 5.08 4.12 Kupp is my favorite pick in this range specifically because he belongs with the round three wide receivers, not borderline in the Adam Thielen range; he averaged a very nice 69 yards on 6 catches per game over the last two years.
Round 5 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
49 Adam Thielen MIN WR-20 5.09 5.01 Please don’t do this; he posted the lowest yards per target in his career since becoming full-time last season, and he’s gone down in yards per target in each of the last two seasons.
50 Dak Prescott DAL QB-5 5.10 5.02 Prescott was my QB3 before a persistent back issue compounded the question marks surrounding his ankle recovery; he’s dropped to QB5 for me, but he’s firmly off of my draft boards because I don’t want to get caught catching a falling knife.
51 D.J. Moore CAR WR-21 6.01 5.03 Moore is an interesting case, because if you think he can break through from his 1,100 yard, 4-touchdown consistency, then he looks like a huge value; if you don’t think he will, then he’s just a guy you pass over… I am in the second camp.
52 T.J. Hockenson DET TE-6 6.02 5.04 T.J. Hockenson is my TE4 this year, so getting him as TE6 feels like a boon; he’s the last of the solid tight ends before we get into the questionably-similar tight end blob territory.
53 Travis Etienne JAX RB-21 6.03 5.05 Unfortunately, ADP has not yet corrected for Travis Etienne’s injury; do not draft him, as he is officially out for the year.
54 Aaron Rodgers GB QB-6 6.04 5.06 I don’t really understand this ranking; he had an all-time Aaron Rodgers season in an all-time career and he was still QB3; spare me your Revenge Tour chatter, he’s always been angry, and he doesn’t run anymore, so I’ll pass on him here.
55 Diontae Johnson PIT WR-22 6.05 5.07 Fantasy football twitter tells me drops don’t matter, but my eyeballs tell me Diontae Johnson isn’t the most dynamic receiver in Pittsburgh; I like this spot in full-PPR leagues but in half and zero-PPR, give me Chase Claypool in the sixth, instead.
56 Russell Wilson SEA QB-7 6.06 5.08 Wilson and Herbert make up two-thirds of my second tier of quaterbacks; he’s the only QB to total at least 30 touchdowns in each of the last four seasons, and is as solid and steady as they come… but the price is a little high since Ryan Tannehill goes three rounds later.
57 Brandon Aiyuk SF WR-23 6.07 5.09 I don’t have as much faith in his upside as a lot of people (saying he has top-12 WR upside this year), but Deebo Samuel reminding us he gets banged up this week has me looking Aiyuk’s way a bit more.
58 Justin Herbert LAC QB-8 6.08 5.10 Herbert came just shy of holding both the passing touchdown and passing yardage rookie records last year; his upside is tremendous, but his floor is subterranean, making him a risky pick here… again, because Tannehill goes in Round 8.
59 Darrell Henderson LAR RB-22 6.09 5.11 It’s been quite the offseason for Hendo; Cam Akers’ injury vaulted him up draft boards, then he hurt his hand and the Rams traded for Sony Michel… I’m probably going to sidestep this headache entirely given that I like running backs in this range a lot more than Henderson on a talent level.
60 Mike Davis ATL RB-23 6.10 5.12 Mike Davis’ role in Atlanta gets more secure by the day; the Falcons cut Javian “2021 James Robinson” Hawkins and Sony Michel is a Ram; Lev Bell or David Johnson could still blow this, but Todd Gurley showed no interest in returning to Atlanta.
Round 6 One-Sentence Summaries
ADP Player Team Position 10-Team 12-Team ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY
61 Kareem Hunt CLE RB-24 7.01 6.01 I don’t think there’s anything I can say here that will dramatically change anyone’s opinion of Kareem Hunt in any direction; he is what he is: the short-end of a platoon in a run-first offense, but with the upside of a top-five back.
62 Ja’Marr Chase CIN WR-24 7.02 6.02 Chase was the first wide receiver off the board this draft, but he’s struggled so far in preseason; his ADP is likely to dip, and I probably won’t touch him for another couple of rounds.
63 Myles Gaskin MIA RB-25 7.03 6.03 I don’t think I will have any of the other guys in this round in a snake draft because I love Myles Gaskin that much; he led all running backs in yards per reception last year and the talks of a committee have been greatly exaggerated.
64 Chase Claypool PIT WR-25 7.04 6.04 Chase Claypool “faded” down the stretch specifically because Mike Tomlin limited his snaps to ease his rookie year transition into the NFL; his 0.501 fantasy points per route run ranked second among rookies and between Julio Jones and Allen Robinson in 2020.
65 Tee Higgins CIN WR-26 7.05 6.05 Higgins is my favorite Bengals’ wide receiver this season; he reminded me of Kenny Golladay last year, and from the bye week to the fantasy championships, he averaged 5 catches on 8 targets per game, giving him a good floor headed into 2021.
66 Odell Beckham CLE WR-27 7.06 6.06 He has as many missed games as touchdowns over the last three seasons (13), and he averaged 4.4 catches for 62 yards with the Browns; that production is fine, but someone will overdraft him because of the name… just don’t be that guy.
67 Tom Brady TB QB-9 7.07 6.07 Tom Brady had a season last year that would have finished top-three for the vast majority of Brady’s career, but since he doesn’t run, this feels like the right range for him.
68 Chase Edmonds ARI RB-26 7.08 6.08 The news out of Arizona has gone from “Chase Edmonds is the lead back and the camp battle is one in name only” to “what even is a lead running back, really?” in a very short amount of time; I’m not interested in Edmonds outside of a full PPR league because of this situation degradation.
69 Kenny Golladay NYG WR-28 7.09 6.09 Golladay is nursing a hamstring injury (again) after switching teams; this is a recipe for disaster, and one I’m not likely to reach into this draft season.
70 Javonte Williams DEN RB-27 7.10 6.10 Melvin Gordon is dealing with a leg injury, which opens the door for Javonte Williams to steal the starting role in Denver, though I doubt it’s that clean cut; that having been said, he thrived in a two-back system at UNC.
71 James Robinson JAX RB-28 8.01 6.11 James Robinson is the lead back in Jacksonville now with an oft-injured Carlos Hyde to spell him; I’m not saying 2021 will be 2020 again, but it sure will rhyme.
72 JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT WR-29 8.02 6.12 I love this pick in a PPR league… I hate this pick in a non-PPR league; JuJu’s main draw is beaucoup targets, and the Steelers adding Najee Harris likely changes the passing game around in Pittsburgh.
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