2021 2QB Auction Strategy

Football Absurdity recently partnered with our favorite forums: SomethingAwful.com. The goal was simple: Fill a  2QB auction with 10 managers who would stick around for at least most of the draft. 2021 2QB auction strategy data is really hard to come by. That’s why we are going to pick apart this draft like my son picks apart his pizza and hides the vegetables under my cooking magazines and then months later I pick up a magazine looking for a recipe and a pile of rotting vegetables falls into my lap and NO I’m not mad!

So, as always, QBs saw a huge spike. High-tier ones went for RB1 prices and even the back-end QB2s sparked some back and forth. But what surprised all of us is how cheap most of the WRs ended up. I’ve been saying the bottom will fall out of the WR market sooner this year than ever before, but I didn’t envision this!

Tyreek and Davonte topped the list at $36 each, whereas they regularly go for mid-$50s in one-QB mocks. Diggs for $27 is criminal. While usually I can’t make a draft strategy from just one mock, the data here supports what I’ve found is true for hundreds of one-QB mocks: Being able to plan your team around WR steals frees up a lot of room to get some amazing grabs at other positions. Those WR steals will always come, as long as you wait for them.

So, with that said, here is my 2021 2QB auction strategy. Just a reminder: This isn’t trying to be the best strategy in every auction. It’s designed to make sure you walk away with a great team every single time.

2021 2QB Auction Strategy

  1. Get two superstar QBs and/or RBs for around $100. I adjust my later budget numbers based on how over or under that mark I end up.
  1. After this, play the waiting game for value to fall. Not just at the WR position: RBs often fall for less than usual as managers get into bidding wars over the dregs of each QB tier. I find $30 is enough to round out my top 2 QB and RB slots. 
  1. Spend $30 on your WR starters. This allows you to bid on any WR1s that might drop for a significant discount, then pivot to filling out your starters with strong/weaker WR2s depending upon whether you score a WR1 deal
  1. Get a top 5 TE for $15. If the top 5 go for way more than that, see if you can get yourself Fant or Goedert for under $5. Failing that, just grab a couple dollar lottery tickets and use the savings to boost up your bench or your starter slots for deeper leagues.
  1. Usually, $25 is enough to form a solid bench.

Again, it’s all about spending big early, then waiting and saving to spend big on deals late. And never, ever overpay for a WR. 

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