Fantasy Football Absurdity Check: Is Nick Foles Worth Starting?

Nick Foles fantasy football

When all hope was gone, Nick Foles came around and made players on the Chicago Bears fantasy football relevant again. People remembered why they drafted Allen Robinson so high. Anthony Miller looked like the sleeper we expected. Even Jimmy Graham got to eat. Going into week four, no quarterback is being added to more fantasy rosters than Nick Foles. Which begs the question.. Is Nick Foles worth starting?

What have we seen from Foles?

In week three, Mitchell Trubisky did what we all knew, in the deepest recesses of our heart, he would eventually do. He threw his last interception as the starting quarterback for the Bears. Bears fans have always believed that if we just had a non-Troobs quarterback, they’d finally have a good offense. Foles delivered with 188 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception, all in the second half of the game. You could argue that he should’ve had five touchdowns, but you could also make the argument he should’ve had four interceptions, so let’s call it even.

I understand why people are eyeing Foles. It makes sense. Matt Nagy is supposed to be an offensive guru and we can’t help but feel like Trubisky held him back. Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller have the makings of a very dynamic receiving core if only someone could throw them the ball. So I understand why you would lie to yourself about Nick Foles.

The thing you have to bear in mind is that since 2015, Nick Foles has only started 13 regular-season games. In other words, over the last five seasons, Foles hasn’t played a full season of football. If Foles were really the savior, he probably would’ve saved one of the FOUR TEAMS HE ALREADY PLAYED FOR!!! (I know, I know, Super Bowl MVP, but the Eagles couldn’t wait to get rid of him, so my point still stands!)

What’s coming for Foles?

Now we know that Foles has been around a bunch, but let’s stop living in the past and take a look at Foles’ future. Nightmares! Oh God! The future is full of nightmares. Over the next three weeks, Nick Foles plays the defenses that have given up the fewest, third-fewest, and fourth-fewest points to opposing quarterbacks. There is no quarterback in football who has a harder three-game stretch this season than Nick Foles. If The Ghost of Christmas Future showed me that, I’m pretty sure I’d poop myself.

Absurdity Check

What I’m trying to say is anyone who put in a claim for Nick Foles this week in most one-quarterback leagues is a crazy person. Sure, Nick had a good game against the Atlanta Falcons. Do you know who else had a good game against the Falcons? Everybody. Because that is what the Falcons do. They take average players and make you think they might actually be good. Try to remember that Nick Foles is just kinda, sorta okay. Yes, Foles is better than Trubisky, but that doesn’t mean he’s good. Just ask yourself if you can imagine a future where you end up saying, “I sure am glad I picked up that quarterback from the Chicago Bears for my fantasy team. I never would’ve won my league without him.” I didn’t think so.

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