New Orleans Saints 2020 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup

New Orleans Saints

The 2020 NFL Draft is in the books, and that means it’s time for us to fully turn our attention to the 2020 NFL season and fantasy football. While COVID-19 means we can’t guarantee an NFL season, our league mates want us to be on our heels, unprepared for the season. Never you fear, Football Absurdity is here to cover all of the 78 fantasy football eligible players drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft. Keep in mind, most of these guys won’t get selected in your draft, but you’ll want to know these 2020 NFL draftees when your fantasy football draft comes around.New Orleans Saints 2020 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup Since the Falcons and Panthers punted on drafting fantasy football eligible players, we start with the Saints.

The New Orleans Saints lost in the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion for the fiftieth time in the last ten years. They decided to run it back one last time with Drew Brees (unofficially the last time), and added Emmanuel Sanders to their existing corps. As for the NFL Draft, they were the anti-Vikings. While Minnesota selected fifteen players, the Saints too just four. Of those four, the New Orleans Saints added two fantasy football eligible players: a tight end and a… well, we’ll get to that. Are either of them going to move the needle in 2020 fantasy football drafts? Heck, I already have your click: no. Not at all. You’re about to see a lot of whited out Joe Burrows.

Rd Pick Player Pos School
1 24 Cesar Ruiz C Michigan
3 10 Zack Baun OLB Wisconsin
3 41 Adam Trautman TE Dayton
7 26 Tommy Stevens ??? Mississippi


Round 3, Pick 41: Adam Trautman, Tight End, Dayton (6’5” 255 lbs)
40-yd Dash Bench Press Vertical Jump Broad Jump 3 Cone 20-yd shuttle 60-yd shuttle
4.8s (u) 18 reps 34.5 in 114.0 in 6.78s 4.27s

Courtesy:, (u) = unofficial.

Depth Chart:
TE1         Jared Cook
TE2         Adam Trautman
TE?         Taysom Hill

Trautman looked like a dad among children against Jacksonville and San Diego. He’s fast enough but is not a fluid runner. Still, he’s a monster to bring down and is a big guy who works all over the field. Trautman is a thorough but underwhelming blocker and he isn’t the most technical guy. He has good hands, body control, and feel for the ball. In once sentence: he’s a natural pass catcher but an awkward blocker. He has a lot of potential but it’s hard to know how the transition to the NFL will work, given his low level of competition. Did he look more talented as he was a man among boys? Or is he the next George Kittle?


The New Orleans Saints have used two tight ends effectively in the Drew Brees Era: Jimmy Graham, and Jared Cook last year. Every other tight end has been a complete mess. If Cook gets injured, I’m not bullish on Trautman not only bucking the Saints’ tight end trend, but also the rookie tight end trend (they stink!). Trautman’s low level of competition is his biggest question mark, so his jump to the NFL likely will not be smooth. Don’t expect much out of him his rookie year.


All rookie tight ends get zero or one-star unless they are generational talents. Even then, they get like, two stars.

Round 7, Pick 26: Tommy Stevens, Quarterback, Mississippi (6’5” 235 lbs)
40-yd Dash Bench Press Vertical Jump Broad Jump 3 Cone 20-yd shuttle 60-yd shuttle


Depth Chart:
Weird Overused Positionless Guy 1          Taysom Hill
Weird Overused Positionless Guy 2          Tommy Stevens

Tommy Stevens didn’t get an invite to the combine and didn’t get much of anything going for him in the predraft process. The man nicknamed “Tommy Touchdowns” is essentially Taysom Hill 2.0. He’s a big quarterback who lined up all over the field and mostly treated quarterbacking as a secondary occupation to rushing at any given opportunity. Stevens played QB, but was bad at it, and lined up all over the field, so the easy comparison is a bigger Taysom Hill (he has three inches and fifteen pounds on Hill).


What’s better than a silly little Swiss Army knife who doesn’t do anything particularly well while not getting enough touches per game to matter? Two of them.


Come on, man.

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