Fantasy Football 2019: Week Three Quarterback Sleepers

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Welcome, desperate masses who lost Drew Brees, or Ben Roethlisberger, or Eli Manning, or (probably) Cam Newton. Egads. At a position where you usually only roster one guy, QB turned bleak in a hurry. Not to fear, as Football Absurdity is here to help you out with three signal callers available in more than 50% of Yahoo! fantasy football leagues. For you exceptionally desperate chaps, we highlight one fantasy football quarterback sleeper clocking in at 1% ownership. As always, check and see if the guys in Waleed Ismail’s Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet slipped through the cracks. If they didn’t, check out the week three quarterback sleepers below.

Week Three Quarterback Sleepers:
Matthew Stafford at Philadelphia (47% Owned)

Fantasy football’s QB5 seems like a no-brainer to have on your roster. But, given that he’s available in more leagues than he isn’t, I guess we have to highlight Stafford here. Through two games, Stafford has a five touchdown to two interception TD/INT ratio. He’s fifth in passing yards, fourth in touchdowns, and somehow, seventh in QB rushing yards. Like I said, he’s QB5 on the season so far.

This week, he gets a Philadelphia defense that took the ball away from Matt Ryan three times last week. Normally, I wouldn’t lead with the worst stat, but I needed to get it out of the way. Except for those three interceptions, opposing QBs carve up Philly’s pass defense. So far this year, they’ve allowed 700 passing yards and six touchdowns in two games.

Week Three Quarterback Sleepers:
Jacoby Brissett versus Atlanta (17% Owned)

Whether you want to call him Jacoby Biscuits, Jake Brisket, or your week three starting fantasy football quarterback, JB is here to help. He’s tied with Matthew Stafford with five passing touchdowns. He chewed up the Tennessee defense for three passing touchdowns last week, the same defense that shut down Baker Mayfield in week one.

While the Falcons allowed just two passing touchdowns in two weeks, it looks likely that Jacoby Brissett walks away from this matchup with the rare QB accomplishment: a rushing touchdown. So far, Brissett’s five rush attempts per game are third among QBs, behind Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. While he has none within five yards of the line of scrimmage, he does have ten-zone rush attempts. The Falcons allowed rushing touchdowns to Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz, neither of which run as much, or are as mobile as, Jacoby Brissett. His rushing touchdown should save your fantasy football lineup, even if he throws just one touchdown.

Week Three Quarterback Sleepers:
Kyle Allen at Arizona (1% Owned)

What’s up, desperate Cam Newton Owners? The good news, Kyle Allen gives The Gardner Snake a run for his money in the swagger department. More good news? He can’t do worse than Cam Newton has this year. This isn’t our first look at Kyle Allen, as Ron Rivera tapped him to stat in week seventeen last year, scrubs versus scrubs style. He did… fine. 266 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions, and a completion percentage (64.5%) that Cam Newton can only dream about. His 8.6 yards per attempt also bodes well.

He gets a truly awful opponent this weekend, as the Arizona Cardinals can’t stop a runny nose on offense. Matthew Stafford and Lamar Jackson already tore them up, with Stafford going for 385/3, and Jackson turning in 272/2 and 120 rushing yards. Those rushing yards could come in handy, as Allen had 19 yards and a touchdown in five rush attempts in his start last year. He may not play, as Cam Newton is not yet ruled out. But if you’re down here, you’re probably the Cam Newton owner, anyway.

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