2019 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup: Los Angeles Chargers

The 2019 NFL Draft is in the rearview mirror, and it’s time for the next part of the NFL calendar. That’s right… massive, rampant speculation! They will go through drills in shorts, and we will endlessly project and prognosticate on their fantasy football futures. There are 78 guys who might have fantasy football relevance after their names were called in Nashville. Our goal with our Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup series is to give you a quick hit on every one of these guys. By the end, you’ll know these guys better than their mothers know them. Because it’s not like their mothers are necessarily good at fantasy football.

The Los Angeles Chargers took one fantasy football eligible player in the 2019 NFL Draft… a fifth-round quarterback. You can stop reading now, he’s not going to do anything in fantasy football this season unless things go disastrously for the Chargers (more disastrous than their move to LA, even).

Round 5, Pick 166 overall – Easton Stick, Quarterback, North Dakota State

Philip Rivers is ageless, and his backup, Tyrod Taylor, is better than Easton Stick in every single way (damning Tyrod with faint praise). There’s not a feasible reason to care about Easton Stick this year in fantasy football, or given his likely ceiling, ever, at all, in fantasy football. He plays a decent enough college game, succeeding thanks to the read option and the wide open fields of the narrow hash marks in college.

However, Easton suffers mightily from chronic noodlearmitis. The dude has a super soaker in a league full of cannons. Because of this, he has to really crank up to throw the ball deep; everything going more than 20 yards looks like it’s a 60-yard hail mary the way he gets ready to heave it. It’s truly an awful sight to try to watch and something NFL DBs will salivate when they see happen. That having been said, his shorter passes have some real zip on them, and he has some good legs to get out of jams. He’ll have a decent career as a backup and will be entertaining this fall in the third quarter of some preseason games, but don’t even bother with him in any sort of fantasy football leagues anytime before the next presidential election.




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