2019 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup: Los Angeles Rams

The 2019 NFL Draft is in the rearview mirror, and it’s time for the next part of the NFL calendar. That’s right, massive, rampant speculation about guys who have never played in the NFL before or have never played together… or both! They will go through drills in shorts, and we will endlessly project and prognosticate on their fantasy football futures. However, there are 78 guys who might have fantasy football relevance after their names were called in Nashville at the end of April. Our goal with our Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup series is to give you a quick hit on every fantasy football-eligible player drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft. By the end, you’ll know these guys better than their mother does. Because it’s not like their mothers are necessarily good at fantasy football.

We’ve already reviewed the Arizona Cardinals, the team with the most fantasy football-eligible rookies drafted, with five. To make life simpler this time around, the Los Angeles Rams took one fantasy football eligible pla—oh, what’s that? I’m getting word that this is 100% not simpler this time around. The Los Angeles Rams drafted a running back in the third round. This threw a gigantic monkey wrench in what once was one of the best running back fantasy football situations in the NFL.

Round 3, Pick 70 Overall – Darrell Henderson, Running Back, Memphis

Five running backs went off the board in the third round of the draft, with Henderson going first. While Henderson is intriguing in his own right, the ripple effect this sends through the fantasy football landscape is far more important for 2019. This indicates a huge issue with Todd Gurley and his arthritic knee.

I don’t want to say that I have much in common with Todd Gurley, but I was born with an arthritic knee. It will be fine one minute, then be completely unusable for a few minutes, or a few hours, then suddenly get better. I don’t bring this up to garner sympathy or try to compare myself to Gurley, but it is indicative of a huge issue for Gurley in 2019: randomness. There’s nothing in particular that sets off an arthritic knee, and nothing, in particular, can fix it. This fleshes with his insistence that he was fine, and his inability to play a lot on gameday.

Gurley could play 16 games and it could be no issue, or he could only get significant snaps in 4 or 5 games this year. It bakes in a ton of risk for Gurley. How does this relate to the Darrell Henderson pick?

The Rams are scared of this, and you should be, too.

Gurley is completely hands-off for me in 2019 in the first two rounds of fantasy football drafts, which means I will have zero shares. Someone else can jump on that grenade and potentially ride him to the title. Fortune favors the bold, in that case. Or the foolish.

Well, what about Darrell Henderson for fantasy football in 2019? He’s a must-have for all Todd Gurley owners, and an incredibly smart stash in best ball leagues and any and all deep bench leagues. He was my second-favorite RB coming out of the 2019 NFL Draft. He reminds me a lot of Tevin Coleman or Jerick McKinnon; a smaller guy who excels in space. Per Pro Football Focus, he had 27 20+ yard runs in 2018, and the second-highest guy had seventeen.

Henderson is the undisputed king of the chunk play for this class. He took advantage of great blocking, but that’s what you want out of a running back. He’s versatile, elusive, and always keeps moving forward. He’s extremely talented and needs to end up on your fantasy football rosters, just in case.

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