NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Wishlist

2018’s Best Fantasy Football Player: Leonard Fournette (Weeks Ten through Sixteen), Running Back
2018’s Biggest Fantasy Football Disappointment: Leonard Fournette (Weeks One through Nine), Running Back
2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End

Oh, is that all? The Jaguars kept themselves from getting a fantasy football wishlist bingo by signing Nick Foles, and potentially solving their lingering quarterback issue. Speaking of lingering issues, Leonard Fournette ran afoul of the law, as he was arrested for non-payment of a speeding ticket. No word as to whether or not the speeding ticket stemmed from Fournette trying to get as far outside Jacksonville as quickly as possible. Fournette’s in the last year of his contract, and phantom GM/Werther’s Original aficionado Tom Coughlin has already gone full Abe Simpson over him not showing proper deference for a meaningless week seventeen game at the end of 2018.

As for the wide receiver and tight end? Well, the Jags sure are chock full of guys fantasy football prognosticators hope will be good. As it stands, though, the Jags have no exceptionally high-quality talent at WR and adding that would be a boon for fantasy football owners in 2019. As for the tight end position, their depth chart starts with Geoff Swaim and James O’Shaughnessey and ends with Ben Koyack and Pharoah McKever.  Yikes.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Item 1: Running Back

Leonard Fournette isn’t long for this roster, and his track record proves that even if the Jags leaned on him, it wouldn’t be for long. He’s already missed over one-third of his games in his NFL career, so even if the Jags don’t intentionally move on from him this season, his backup will be fantasy football relevant. Right now that’s Alfred Blue and Benny Cunningham. Both guys are failed experiments in the fantasy football landscape, and that means for fantasy football in 2019, fantasy football players would want a higher quality backup RB.

Some mock drafts have them overpaying for Josh Jacobs in the first, but that would be insane (that should be an o-lineman). Devin Singletary in the second has also been floated, as has Justice Hill in the fourth round. The point is that the Jags have plenty of fodder to get a running back, and it would be insane for them not to do so.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Item 2: Wide Receiver

A previously-noted glut of just okay WRs likely keeps the Jags from getting a receiver with a high enough pick to merit even taking one. There’s a rate of diminishing return in filling your roster with third and fourth-round level talent at the same position. The only WR that could raise eyebrows would be a high-end one snagged in the second round. If Hollywood Brown, A.J. Brown, or Riley Ridley stick around in the second round, then we’re talking. Otherwise, pass on the position. Snagging a guy in the second would add to Marqise Lee and D.J. Chark as the second rounders on their roster.

Jacksonville Jaguars Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Item 3: Tight End

If the names I listed in the first paragraph didn’t drive the point home, then I will not understate this: the tight ends in Jacksonville are utter trash garbage. They will offer zero fantasy football value combined. That makes a rookie the best bet for fantasy football production coming out of the TE position in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, rookie tight ends suck almost as much for fantasy football as the current Jags TEs suck at real-life football.

Some mocks have the Jags taking T.J. Hockenson in the first, but that is too much to pay for a dang tight end unless you have inside knowledge that he will have the dominance of Gronk with the longevity of Antonio Gates (so he’d be Tony Gonzalez). The Jags have two third-rounders, and that is the range where Irv Smith, Jr. is projected to go. If he goes to Jacksonville, don’t expect fantasy football glory in year one, but rejoice that Nick Foles will have a big target to throw to.

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