NFL Draft: New York Giants Fantasy Football Wishlist

2018’s Best Fantasy Football Player: Saquon Barkley, Running Back
2018’s Biggest Fantasy Football Disappointment: Evan Engram, Tight End
2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: OL, WR, QB

The Giants traded their best player in the offseason and didn’t get much in return. Odell Beckham is a Brown, and in return, Dave Gettleman got a mid-first, a third, and a lightly used Jabrill Peppers. This immediately left a massive, gaping hole in the Giants receiving corps. That tends to happen when you trade a top-three player at his position. The Giants plugged the hole by signing Golden Tate from the Eagles and extending Sterling Shepard. However, they still need something at wide receiver and need to bolster their offensive line. That will help them keep Eli Manning around for 25 more seasons, which seems to (bafflingly) be their intent.

New York Giants Fantasy Football Wishlist: Offensive Line

The offensive line was not egregiously terrible last season, but the 20th-ranked O-Line from last season definitely needs some work. While it’s unlikely that the Giants go hard at the offensive line in the first round, they need to do more than trade for Kevin Zeitler if they want to keep Eli Manning clean this season. The Giants are tied to Bobby Evans out of Oklahoma, as he provides them the versatility to slide in at RT while Nate Solder quickly circles the drain before Evans becomes the LT of the future. Upgrading the offensive line helps all the Giants fantasy football talent, and by all the fantasy football talent, I mean Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram. And nobody else. Seriously. Don’t do it.

New York Giants Fantasy Football Wishlist: Wide Receiver

Shocking that trading the consensus #1 fantasy football dynasty asset left the Giants with a gaping need at wide receiver. Moving Beckham created a power vacuum in New York, a power vacuum that Tate and Shepard are unlikely to fill. Despite their Golden and Sterling reputations, respectively, they are likely real-life WR2s, as neither has the size, versatility, and skillset to stand as the #1 guy. That leaves the Giants looking to the draft for a top guy.

The comedy option is D.K. Metcalf at six (or, more than likely, moving six to move back to get picks, and then getting sniped on Metcalf by the Bills). Still, this draft is lousy with just-under-elite WR talent, and they should have the pick of the litter available to them at 17. A.J. Brown would work best as a WR that isn’t Odell Beckham (though his game certainly rhymes with Beckham’s), though they may go in a different direction with N’Keal Harry there.

New York Giants Fantasy Football Wishlist: Quarterback

The most pressing need for the fantasy football prospects of the 2019 New York Giants is letting Eli Manning finally walk off into the woods. Unfortunately for Giants fans, Dave Gettleman gave Eli a lifetime appointment this week, which means that the earned goodwill count for a Super Bowl is at least eight seasons. The Giants are tied into the Josh Rosen Sweepstakes, with the rumors of a second or a third going to Arizona for the sophomore signal-caller. There’s also the comedy option, as Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports states that a mystery team has Daniel Jones as their #1 quarterback. Tripling down on Eli then taking Jones would be the worst-case scenario for fantasy football prospects in New York, but it would be oh, so funny. And oh, so in character.

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