Chicago Bears 2019 Mock Draft

While I’m supposed to do this Chicago Bears 2019 mock draft, I find it hard to care. The Bears already won the 2019 NFL draft in 2018. Sure, Nick Bosa and Josh Allen could be elite edge rushers and all they cost is a first rounder if you are lucky enough to have been bad.  Or you could be the Bears, and trade your 2019 1st round pick for NFL Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack, ensuring you could be good.

Then, for good measure, the Bears traded their 2019 2nd-round pick to move up and snag the second coming of Steve Smith, Jr: Memphis Wide Receiver Anthony Miller.  Even if he never amounts to the production of the great Carolina receiver, I still have faith that he will be able to beat up an equal number of teammates.

The Bears used the 2019 draft to catapult themselves into the playoffs.  If only they had traded an extra 2019 pick to get a kicker that could have kept them in the playoffs. Even though the Bears did a lot to make themselves a more complete team in 2018, they still have some roster needs to address in this Chicago Bears 2019 mock draft.  

My breakdown of the Chicago Bears 2019 mock draft needs is as follows:

  1. Kicker: You all saw the playoffs.  Do I really need to explain myself?
  2. Running Back: With Jordan Howard traded to the Eagles, the Bears have some depth concerns at running back.  While Tarik Cohen is exciting, there are serious questions about his ability to be a three-down back. 
  3. Linebacker: With Danny Trevathan and Nick Kwiatkoski set to be free agents at the end of the year, the Bears need to have a plan in place for 2020.  
  4. Offensive Tackle: While the Bears appear to be set with Charles Leno Jr and Bobbie Massie, they lack depth at the position.
  5. Kicker: I know I already said it, but they really need a kicker.

Chicago Bears 2019 Mock Draft

Third Round (#87 Overall): David Montgomery, Running Back

With the departure of Jordan Howard, the Bears need a running back.  David Montgomery compares at the NFL level to Kareem Hunt. Matt Nagy coached Hunt in Kansas City, so this seems like an ideal fit for the Bears offense.  While I didn’t have to trade up for Montgomery, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Bears trade a few extra draft picks to move up and make sure they get their guy.  Because that is what Ryan Pace does.


Fourth Round (#126 Overall): Ben Burr-Kirven, Linebacker

Ben Burr-Kirven is a very interesting prospect for the Bears to target with their second pick.  He was a tackling machine at Washington, ranking 3rd in the nation. He also lit up the combine and is a SPARQ monster, meaning he has the athleticism to play at the next level.  I think this is a great value pick for the Bears, who love these types of players.


Fifth Round (#162 Overall): Cole Tracy, Kicker

There are a lot of reasons to like Cole Tracy.  As a Division II kicker, he played outdoors in Worchester, Massachusetts, proving he can handle the elements.  As an LSU transfer, he broke the record for most field goals in a single season, proving he is prolific. And as a Chicago Bear, he would not be Cody Parkey, proving the Bears might not have to suck at kicking field goals.


Seventh Round (#222 Overall): Joshua Miles, Offensive Tackle/ Offensive Guard

The Bears haven’t shied away from small school guys, and Joshua Miles is an interesting offensive line prospect.  He has rare size/speed combination, but would be coming in very raw. If the Bears drafted Miles, they would be taking a flier on an athlete who has dominated at the lower collegiate level and would hope that he could make a jump similar to Bears small-school darling Tarik Cohen.  Although if they are getting him in the seventh round, it is more likely that they’ll be getting small-school disappointment, Adam Shaheen.


Seventh Round (#238 Overall): Elijah Holyfield, Running Back

It’s the seventh round.  Why not just take Holyfield’s kid and hope he has some championship pedigree.  Truth be told, this pick would probably be used to trade up to get one of my other four picks.  


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