Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet

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Stop using your precious clicks on five different positional waiver wire articles. Football Absurdity’s Waleed Ismail has all your waiver wire needs on one page!  

Week 11 is almost behind us and with it your belief that you can properly evaluate quarterbacks. Some of you thought Eli Manning would never be a QB1 again. And you were wrong. Some of you thought Tre’Quan Smith wouldn’t lead the Saints in targets. And you were wrong.  Some of you thought fantasy football could be fun. And oh boy were you wrong. If I don’t mention someone whom you think I should be talking about, just know there are many reasons why I overlooked them. Maybe they are owned in most leagues. Maybe they are so bad I don’t even consider them.  Maybe it’s because your opinions cannot be trusted. After all, you are here. So let us examine what our best week 12 waiver wire players are…

Week 12 Waiver Wire QBs

Should I Pick up Baker Mayfield? Owned in 40% of leagues – Last week, I told you that Mayfield should be on your radar, because of a favorable playoff schedule. This week, he is my favorite quarterback on the waiver wire.  So the answer to “should I pick up Baker Mayfield” is “yes.”

Should I Pick up Dak Prescott?Owned in 47% of leagues – Last week, Dak Prescott was owned in 33% of leagues. This week, he is owned in 47% of leagues. So the answer to the question “should I pick up Dak Prescott” is “yes.” The rest of the people in your league know this, so if you need a quarterback, you need to get moving on Dak before someone else does.

Should I Pick up Lamar Jackson?Owned in 21% of leagues – In week 11, Lamar Jackson threw for 150 yards, 0 touchdowns and 1 interception. He also rushed for 117 yards. So at this point, he’s a better running back than quarterback. If you need quarterback help, the answer to “should I pick up Lamar Jackson” is “no.”

Should I Pick up Jameis Winston?Owned in 10% of leagues – In week 11, Fitzmagic was benched for the second time this season and Jameis Winston took over.  And for the second time this year, it didn’t stop the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from being bad at football.  The answer to “should I pick up Jameis Winston” is “no.”  No, you should not.


Week 12 Waiver Wire RBs

Should I Pick up Gus Edwards?Owned in 2% of leagues –In week eleven, Gus Edwards rushed for 115 yards and 1 touchdown.  More importantly, he dominated the snap counts at running back, being on the field for 62% of the snaps.  That means he was on the field three times more than starting running back Alex Collins.  Whether this was a one time fluke or a sign of things to come is yet to be determined, but if you need help at running back, Gus Edwards has the most home run potential of any of the waiver wire running backs.

Should I Pick up Josh Adams?Owned in 30% of leagues – In week eleven, the only part of the Eagles offense that looked worthwhile was Josh Adams.  The problem is, there is no clear-cut number one back in Philadelphia and I don’t trust Adams to take a back seat to Corey Clement or Wendell Smallwood next week.

Should I Pick up Elijah McGuire?Owned in 16% of leagues – In their last two games,  Elijah McGuire out-snapped Isaiah Crowell for the New York Jets.  McGuire looks to be the lead back for the Jets. While the New York Jets offense leaves a lot to be desired, he is still going to see more and more opportunities down the stretch.

Should I Pick up Jalen Richard?Owned in 48% of leagues – With Doug Martin getting hurt in week eleven, it seems like Jalen Richard should benefit from more usage. The problem is that he still plays for the Oakland Raiders.  So I wouldn’t grab him, unless I were truly desperate.


Week 12 Waiver Wire WRs

Should I Pick up Josh Reynolds?Owned in 35% of leagues – With Cooper Kupp tearing his ACL, Josh Reynolds is now the next man up in the Rams offense.  In week eleven, Josh Reynolds had 6 catches for 80 yards and 1 touchdown.  The answer to “should I pick up Josh Reynolds” is a resounding yes.  He should be your number one waiver wire priority at receiver.

Should I Pick up Tre’Quan Smith?Owned in 20% of leagues – If you had asked me before week eleven, I would have told you that the only receivers worth owning in New Orleans were Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas.  But after a 10 catch, 157 yard, and 1 touchdown performance, I think Tre’Quan Smith might have established himself as the number two receiver in New Orleans.  And I want the guy Drew Brees is throwing to.

Should I Pick up DJ Moore?Owned in 36% of leagues – In week eleven, DJ Moore had 7 catches for 157 yards and 1 touchdown.  On paper, Devin Funchess is the number one receiver in Carolina.  In truth, I think DJ Moore just proved how big a lie that is.  However, Moore feasted on a terrible Lions defense.  I’m not sure how consistent he will be going forward.

Should I Pick up Keke Coutee?Owned in 22% of leagues – In week eleven, Keke Coutee led the Houston Texans in targets.   When healthy, he has been a target machine.  Unfortunately, he will probably pull his hamstring again next week, making you mad you wasted a waiver on him.

Should I Pick up Anthony Miller/Taylor Gabriel?Owned in 46/37% of leagues – The problem with picking up receivers in the Chicago Bears passing game is that they are going to be really good about 50% of the time and disappoint you the other half.  Having said that, I want as many shares of their passing game as I can get.

Week 12 Waiver Wire TEs

Should I pick up Gerald Everett?Owned in 3% of leagues. – With Cooper Kupp out for the season, Gerald Everett has seen an uptick in his usage. This was especially noticeable in week eleven, where he had 3 catches for 49 yards and 2 touchdowns.  As I mentioned last week, the Rams drafted Gerald Everett in the second round last year and Cooper Kupp’s targets have to go somewhere.  So you should definitely pick up Gerald Everett if you need tight end help.

Should I Pick up Antonio Gates?Owned in 8% of leagues – In week eleven, Antonio Gates had 5 catches for 80 yards and 1 touchdown.  Unless your fantasy league takes place in the year 2015, you probably don’t need to pick him up.

Should I Pick up Jonnu Smith?Owned in 5% of leagues – In week eleven, Jonnu Smith led the Titans in targets.  Jonnu Smith has also become a more significant part of the Titans offense.  However, with Mariota injured, I would wait before considering him.  If Mariota was healthy and I needed a tight end, Smith would be on my radar.

Should I Pick up Chris Herndon?Owned in 7% of leagues – The good news is Chris Herndon is becoming an integral part of the Jets offense.  The bad news is he is still part of the Jets offense.  However, he is getting opportunities and if you are looking for tight ends, there aren’t many options that you will feel comfortable with.  Chris Herndon is the best of the worst.


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