Fantasy Football Week 11 Defense – When Borts go Bad

week eleven defense
Fantasy Football Week 11 Defense

If you read my article on playing the waiver wire game, you know that it is an essential part of winning your fantasy football league. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? I just told you it’s an essential part of winning your fantasy football league! Why do you hate winning?

One of the best ways to maximize your weekly scoring is to stream defenses. This strategy is simple – we aren’t as concerned about good defenses, so much as finding defenses that are playing terrible offenses. Bad offenses are more likely to keep playing bad because if they knew how to be good, they would already be good. Because of this flawless logic, I will be pointing out the best streaming options on a weekly basis. Onto our fantasy football week 11 defense picks!

Week 11 Defense: Pittsburgh (44% owned)

Don’t look now, but Pittsburgh has won five games in a row and they are looking like one of the best teams in the AFC. You know what makes them look even better? Playing against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that has given up the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing defenses. This is a game the Steelers should win handily, but with Blake Bortles at the helm for Jacksonville, it could be a hilarious blowout for the Steelers defense.

Week 11 Defense: Arizona (17% owned)

Last week, Arizona looked as good as they have all season against a tough Kansas City opponent. This week, they are playing the opposite of a tough opponent in the Oakland Raiders.  The Oakland Raiders are giving up 2.9 sacks per game. The Arizona Cardinals are sacking opposing quarterbacks 2.9 times per game. Long story short, Derek Carr is going to die a hero’s death at the hands of Chandler Jones and the Arizona Cardinals will be one of the best defensive streaming options of the week.

ABSURDITY CHECK A.K.A. Just Because They’re Bad, Doesn’t Make You Good

Week 11 Defense: Indianapolis (28% owned)

At first glance, the Indianapolis defense seems like a solid streaming option for week eleven. The problem is, they have had some excellent match-ups over the last few weeks. They played Oakland, Buffalo, and Jacksonville and the only one they did any damage against was Buffalo. Unless the Titans decide to bring in Nathan Peterman to play the Colts defense, I don’t trust them to do well.

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