Fantasy Football Week 11 Waiver Wire WRs (AKA Should I Pick up Anthony Miller?)

Waiver Wire Wide Receiver

Week 11 Waiver Wire: QB  RB  WR  TE

Week 10 is almost behind us and some of you are starting to appreciate that this is a passing league. Yet you keep passing on all the waiver wire value at wide receiver. Some of you thought Zay Jones would not be relevant this year. And you were wrong. Some of you thought Cooper Kupp had finally gotten past the worst adversity he’d face this season. And you were wrong. Some of you thought fantasy football could be fun. And oh boy were you wrong. Lucky for you, there are waiver wire wide receiver options available to save you from yourself. If I don’t mention someone whom you think I should be talking about, just know there are many reasons why I overlooked them. Maybe they are owned in most leagues. Maybe they are so bad I don’t even consider them. Maybe it’s because your opinions cannot be trusted. After all, you are here. So let us examine what our best waiver wire wide receiver options for week eleven are.

Week 11 Waiver Wire WRs

Should I Pick up Anthony Miller?Owned in 11% of leagues – Last week, I said the concern with Anthony Miller was how his usage would be impacted once Allen Robinson returned from injury.  In week 10, against the Detroit Lions, it appears as if his opportunities in the Chicago Bears offense were not affected at all. If anything, Allen Robinson’s return appeared to help him, as he had his best game of the season, catching 5 passes for 122 yards and 1 touchdown. Anthony Miller is getting tons of looks in a very prolific passing offense. “Should I pick up Anthony Miller?” If you need wide receiver help down the stretch, Anthony Miller might be your best option among week 11 waiver wire WRs.

Should I Pick up Josh Reynolds?Owned in 1% of leagues – With Cooper Kupp tearing his ACL, Josh Reynolds is now worth monitoring. He saw increased usage in the Rams offense in Kupp’s previous absence, but I’m still skeptical as to “should I pick up Josh Reynolds.”  While I wouldn’t burn my waiver on him this week, I would definitely pay attention to how he is used next week and be prepared to move on him.

Should I Pick up Chris Godwin?Owned in 43% of leagues – For most of the season, I have been preaching that Chris Godwin should be owned in all formats. He has been a WR3 on the season and had 7 catches for 103 in week ten. However, he has seen his snap count drop significantly over the last couple of weeks. As talented as I think Chris Godwin is, his decreased usage coupled with the dumpster-fire that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers makes me very hesitant to invest in him among week 11 waiver wire WRs. So I’d like to adjust my answer to the question, “should I pick up Chris Godwin” to: until he shows some consistency, I would not add him.


Other wide receivers to monitor.  Don’t grab unless you are desperate or their usage increases.

Should I Pick up John Ross?Owned in 17% of leagues  – John Ross had 2 catches for 39 yards and 1 touchdown. With A.J. Green slated to miss at least one more game, John Ross might break out and become viable in fantasy football. I just wouldn’t bet on the answer to “should I pick up John Ross” being “yes.”

Should I Pick up Maurice HarrisOwned in 24% of leagues – For the second week in a row, Maurice Harris led Washington in targets. However, since he did so against an abysmal Tampa Bay team, it doesn’t count unless he leads his team in targets three weeks in a row. Should I pick up Maurice Harris? I’ll pass, and find a better choice of the week 11 waiver wire WRs


ABSURDITY CHECK (AKA Other Notable Week 11 Waiver Wire WRs To Monitor So You Can Know Whom To Avoid)

Should I Pick up Zay Jones ?– Owned in 1% of leagues  (He plays for Buffalo.  Need I say more?)

Should I Pick up Josh DoctsonOwned in 13% of leagues (He plays for Washington.  Need I say more?)

Should I Pick up Donte MoncriefOwned in 13% of leagues (He plays for Jacksonville.  Need I say more?)

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