Thursday Night Farceball: Los Angeles Rams vs Minnesota Vikings

Thursday Night Football Review

The Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Rams are two of the best teams in the NFC, and this week’s Thursday Night Football matchup had me less-than-hopeful for this week’s edition of Thursday Night Farceball. It had nothing on last week’s game, which included possums and the debut of Baker Mayfield. This one was just a good old-fashioned shootout, with Jared Goff going HAM all over the Vikings defense, and Kirk Cousins doing his best to keep up. Most of the nonsensical stuff surrounding this game had to do with a massive contingent of Media Olds not being able to figure out how to use Amazon to hear their alternative Hannah Storm-Andrea Kremer feed.

Side note: the Storm-Kremer feed had some hiccups, as they had no control over what was going on in terms of replays or Buck-Aikman throwing it to Erin Andrews. Still, they didn’t make me want to scream at my television, so they’re already in the top third of NFL announcing crews.


The best non-“How do I use Amazon Prime? This is your fault I am technologically incompetent,” tweet came from Chris Conte, who was stiff-armed so bad by Vance McDonald on Monday Night Football that he went on IR. He was hoping someone else might take his place in the 2018 NFL Highlight Rell, I suppose.


There isn’t much crazy about this one, I was just a huge fan of this celebration. Using the football to share a toast is great. I fear, however, that this is a red wine that he is pouring without giving it a sufficient chance to breathe. If it’s a sparkling wine, putting it fully upside down would cause too much foam and is really not a great bet.


Aldrick Robinson scored two touchdowns today after making his Minnesota Vikings debut last week. He scored his first two touchdowns of his Vikings career. NFL Twitter was quick to let us know that Laquon Treadwell Is Bad.


If this had connected, I probably would have thrown my computer across the room in excitement.


We were repeatedly subjected to Geico remind us that Stefon Diggs is a good NFL wide receiver. He tried to get his mouthpiece and showed that maybe everything doesn’t stick to his hands.

All-in-all, it was a fun and exciting game of Thursday Night Football. The Rams won it at the end when Kirk Cousins coughed it up on a strip-sack. This Thursday Night Farceball was admittedly light on the farce since this was a real, quality game. Join us again next week as Andrew Luck’s dead arm and the Colts travel to Foxborough to take on Tom Brady and his #gradualdecline.

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