Week Three: Fantasy Football Waiver Wire TE (aka a Hatred as Old as Time)

Waiver Wire Tight End

Week Three Waiver Wire: QB  RB  WR  TE

Week two is behind us and some of you are starting to understand that fantasy football is a marathon, not a sprint.  And more of you are ready to quit this marathon after running three blocks.  Some of you didn’t think Jared Cook would continue to be Jared Cook (i.e. bad).  And you were wrong.  Some of you didn’t think Will Dissly could build upon his week one performance.  And you were wrong.  Some of you thought fantasy football wouldn’t be a continuous string of painful failures.  And oh boy were you wrong. If you have read my waiver wire articles before, you know I don’t believe in burning your waiver priority on tight ends.  They are the hardest position to predict.  But if you insist on wasting everyone’s time, there are plenty of week three waiver wire TE options available to disappoint you in new and exciting ways.    So let us examine what our best waiver wire tight end options for week three are.

Week Three Fantasy Football Waiver Wire TEs

O.J. HowardOwned in 45% of leagues – Normally, I don’t recommend using your waiver position on a tight end, because I hate tight ends and think they are worthless.  While I will continue to hold to that stance, O.J. Howard is making me question that position.  His 3 catches for 96 yards and 1 touchdown were actually pretty impressive.  Physically, Howard is the type of match-up nightmare that can have success in the NFL.  My big issue with O.J. Howard is that he is in an offense with a lot of mouths to feed.  While I don’t think O.J. Howard is a plug-and-play tight end quite yet, he certainly has the potential to become that.  So while I wouldn’t necessarily use my waiver to pick up OJ. Howard, I would definitely consider adding him once he clears waivers.

Eric EbronOwned in 46% of leagues. – Remember last week, when I told you Eric Ebron would break your heart?  Then you saw in week two that he had 3 catches for 26 yards and 1 touchdown and decided that Waleed doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Just remember that Waleed does know what he’s talking about.  Waleed has owned Eric Ebron multiple times and knows that this production cannot last.  Just like last week, Ebron was only on the field for 28% of the Indianapolis Colts snaps.  Until he sees an increase in his usage, you should not waste your waiver on Eric Ebron.

Austin HooperOwned in 17% of leagues – Austin Hooper had 5 catches for 59 yards and 1 touchdown in week two.  The problem with Austin Hooper is that throughout his career, he has been touchdown dependent to be relevant.  More importantly, his offensive coordinator is Steve Sarkisian, who seems to averse to scoring touchdowns in the red zone.  Tight ends get their touchdowns in the red zone, more often than not.  The Falcons do not get touchdowns in the red zone.  Ergo, do not waste your week three fantasy football waiver wire TE claim on Austin Hooper.



Jesse JamesOwned in 7% of leagues – If you are wondering why Jesse James is listed under an absurdity check, it is because it is absurd that he had such amazing stats in week two.  Jesse James was the number two fantasy tight end in week two.  His 5 catches for 138 yards and 1 touchdown were very impressive.  What would be even more absurd would be if you think he is going to keep producing at that level.  If you think James is a valid tight end option,  his 2016 and 2017 seasons would like to have a word with you.  Because in those past two seasons, Jesse James has cracked 100 yards receiving exactly zero times.  That’s right, this was Jesse James first 100 yard game as a pro.  It also was probably his last, so don’t waste your time or your waiver wire on him.

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