Start or Sit Jimmy Graham in Fantasy Football Week Two?

Start or Sit Jimmy Graham

The first week of the NFL fantasy football season is in the books, and at this point, you’re either on pace to go undefeated, or more likely, you’re an endless pit of death and despair, wondering why you wasted your time even thinking about fantasy football. After all, John from Accounting auto-drafted Tyreek Hill, Alvin Kamara, Patrick Mahomes and Jared Cook and smashed the thoroughly-researched players you took after countless hours of research and a long offseason. A wasted summer spent on nightly mock drafts instead of tending to your relationships with your loved ones. Whether you won or lost, it’s time to move on from week one and set your lineups for week two. Here at Football Absurdity, we try to help you out with your weekly lineup questions. For example, in this article we answer the question: should you start or sit Jimmy Graham in week two as the Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings?

The Jimmy Graham that played Sunday night was not exactly what the Packers had in mind. He was slow and unathletic, and unapologetically large. If you exclude the poorly-credited Davante Adams 21 yard pass that Jimmy Graham tried to intercept, he had two receptions on three targets, for four yards a catch. He also had fewer than twenty air yards on those targets. That’s a big ol’ yikes. He’s massive and slow, and the Packers have him chipping before running routes. The guy already runs like he’s encased in granite, why have him bump into someone larger than him first? And bump was chosen accurately, as he cannot do any sort of blocking to save his life.

This week he gets a Vikings team that was gashed last week by a more athletic tight end (George Kittle), a better play caller (Kyle Shanahan) and a more handsome quarterback (James Garoppolo). However, last season not many teams stifled the tight end better, as the Vikings allowed the fewest fantasy points to tight ends. Only Vernon Davis topped fifty-five yards against them, and tight ends scored nary a touchdown after Zach Miller’s week five score. They suffocated tight ends, which plays a huge factor in the start-or-sit Jimmy Graham considerations.

Graham isn’t the same player that he was before, and had only three real targets in week one.  The Packers had him chipping, which is not his forte, and apparently, neither is getting open. The Jimmy Graham drafters will be exceedingly upset with him through the first two weeks. Hey, you were mad at him last week… I’m just playing the odds, here. The answer for whether to start or sit Jimmy Graham is: Sit.


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