2018 Disaster Draft: The Pittsburgh Steelers

Who knows how long the Pittsburgh Steelers have left in their current window? Le’Veon Bell and Ben Roethlisberger consistently threaten to no longer be the faces of the squad, Martavis Bryant smokes his face off, and Ryan Shazier is currently re-learning how to walk. Every year they seem to be on the precipice of falling back into the abyss, and every year they pull off one of the best records in the NFL. Will that change this season? Well, the disaster draft provides for them to lose some quality talent on the team, but who do they protect? Who gets the boot?

Lost to Free Agency: Le’Veon Bell


The No Doubters:

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ben Roethlisberger QB $23,200,000 $23,200,000 UFA
Antonio Brown WR $17,675,000 $18,925,000 $15,100,000 $16,300,000 UFA
Cameron Heyward DE $12,456,250 $12,206,250 $10,556,250 UFA
Marcus Gilbert RT $7,358,500 $6,643,500 UFA
David DeCastro G $5,687,500 $11,967,500 $13,647,500 $10,447,500 UFA
Stephon Tuitt DE $5,432,000 $13,642,000 $13,642,000 $13,642,000 $11,092,000
Artie Burns CB $2,615,721 $3,051,678 UFA
T.J. Watt OLB $2,104,220 $2,525,064 $2,945,908 UFA
JuJu Smith-Schuster WR $953,585 $1,144,302 $1,335,023 UFA
Mike Hilton CB $555,000 ERFA

The best connection in the NFL (Big Ben to AB84) gets another run at it (maybe the last run?), alongside the Steelers WR of the future in JuJu. They also build a strong front on both sides of the ball, keeping two each of a defensive line and an offensive line. Watt, Hilton and Burns are cheap and talented, so they are shoo-ins to stay safe for 2018.


The More-Than-Likely Staying:

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Joe Haden CB $11,916,666 $11,916,668 UFA
Mike Mitchell FS $8,135,418 UFA
Alejandro Villanueva LT $7,625,000 $6,625,000 $6,625,000 UFA
Vance McDonald TE $4,318,750 $5,100,000 $5,500,000 $5,500,000 UFA
Tyson Alualu DE $3,625,000 UFA
Javon Hargrave DT  $864,314  $893,314 UFA

This is where things get dicey for the Steelers. Joe Haden was extremely good with Cleveland, but he’s more “overpaid” than “overly frightening.” Mitchell hs his back, but was more hype that substance in 2018. Villanueva keeps Big Ben mostly clean, and given that Roethlisberger loves to get hurt, doing as little as possible to stave that off is a great idea. Vance McDonald is a garbage football player but the stupid 49ers signed him to a big ol’ contract and the Steelers thought it wasn’t the dumbest idea ever to take on that contract. They’re stuck with him but here’s the catch: he can’t catch. Tyson Alualu and Javon Hargrave keep the strong front they built with Tuitt and Heyward running strong.


The Leftovers:

These fine gentlemen have the opportunity of being some of the players on two insane imaginary franchises that I made up in my head, the Conquistadors and the Arches.

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Maurkice Pouncey C $10,551,000 $7,951,000 UFA
Ryan Shazier ILB $8,718,000 UFA
J.J. Wilcox FS $3,800,000 UFA
Ramon Foster G $3,591,668 UFA
Bud Dupree OLB $2,934,363 UFA
Vince Williams ILB $2,500,000 UFA
William Gay CB $2,383,334 UFA
Landry Jones QB $2,200,000 UFA
Jesse James TE $1,959,228 UFA
Robert Golden FS $1,891,668 UFA
Jordan Berry P $1,887,000 UFA
Coty Sensabaugh CB $1,612,500 UFA
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR $1,333,334 UFA
Sean Davis SS $1,114,628 $1,300,401 UFA
Cameron Sutton CB $771,432 $861,432 $935,232 UFA
Jerald Hawkins T $762,622 $852,622 UFA
Leterrius Walton DE $734,234 UFA
James Conner RB $731,572 $821,572 $911,572 UFA
Sammie Coates WR $730,000
Martavis Bryant WR $705,000 UFA
L.J. Fort ILB $705,000 UFA
Joshua Dobbs QB $704,781 $794,781 $884,781 UFA
Tyler Matakevich ILB $645,762 $735,764 UFA
Xavier Grimble TE $630,000 RFA
B.J. Finney C $630,000 RFA
Dashaun Phillips CB $630,000 RFA
Kameron Canaday LS $630,000 RFA
Brian Allen CB $612,544 $702,544 $792,547 UFA
Matt Feiler RT $555,000 ERFA
Jordan Dangerfield FS $555,000 ERFA
Matt Wile P $555,000 ERFA
Colin Holba LS $555,000
Keion Adams OLB $496,504 $661,504 $751,505 UFA
Trey Griffey WR $480,000 ERFA
Tevin Jones WR $480,000 ERFA
Justin Thomas WR $480,000 ERFA
Marcus Tucker WR $480,000 ERFA
James Summers RB $480,000 ERFA
Jake McGee TE $480,000 ERFA
Lavon Hooks DE $480,000 ERFA
Farrington Huguenin DE $480,000 ERFA
Casey Sayles DT $480,000 ERFA
Matt Galambos ILB $480,000 ERFA
Keith Kelsey ILB $480,000 ERFA
Darnell Leslie OLB $480,000 ERFA
Antonio Crawford CB $480,000 $570,000 RFA
Malik Golden S $480,000 ERFA

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