2018 Disaster Draft: The Detroit Lions

There aren’t many teams in the league that would beg you to take as many players as possible off their hands in a potential disaster draft, but the Cleveland Browns are one of those teams. The Browns have consistently had one or more early first round picks over the last half-decade, and they have consistently whiffed on nearly each and every one of them. That leaves them with one of the rosters most devoid of talent in the NFL. Their strength lies along the offensive line… and that’s pretty much it. I had to keep sixteen players on this terrible roster… one for each loss in 2017.

The No Doubters:

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021
Joe Thomas LT $14,250,000 UFA
Kevin Zeitler G $12,400,000 $12,400,000 $12,400,000 $14,400,000
Myles Garrett DE $6,911,876 $8,294,251 $9,676,627
David Njoku TE $2,164,794 $2,597,753 $3,030,714
J.C. Tretter C $6,250,000 $6,750,000 UFA
Joel Bitonio G $6,000,000 $7,000,000 $8,500,000 $9,000,000

Four offensive linemen and their two first round picks from last year. Those are the only players that definitely stay on this awful trash heap of a roster. I don’t even know if those guys are actually good because I’m not going to subject myself to watching the freaking Browns, of all teams. Joe Thomas is good, I know that. Kevin Zeitler, J.C. Tretter and Joel Bitonio were good at one point, but now they’re on the Browns. David Njoku had like two more targets than Seth DeValve and I’m not even sure Seth DeValve exists. Myles Garrett was consistently hurt his rookie year but got a sack on his first ever NFL snap and looked like a monster in the highlight package set to POD’s “Here Comes the Boom” that I watched.

The More-Than-Likely Staying:

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021
Jamie Collins OLB $12,400,000 $11,750,000 $13,750,000 UFA
DeShone Kizer QB $1,124,640 $1,349,568 $1,574,496 UFA
Duke Johnson Jr RB $930,023 UFA
Danny Shelton DT $3,723,895 UFA
Emmanuel Ogbah DE $1,802,629 $2,103,068 UFA
Jason McCourty CB $3,546,868 UFA
Corey Coleman WR $3,178,635 $3,708,409 UFA
Christian Kirksey ILB $6,200,000 $8,200,000 $9,950,000 ####
Briean Boddy-Calhoun CB $630,000 RFA
Britton Colquitt P $2,550,000 $2,700,000 $2,800,000 UFA

What’s sadder than the “Definitely Staying” list? This one. Hoo boy. Two overpaid LBs, the NFL’s leading INT artist last season. Then there’s Duke Johnson, who is actually good kinda! Danny Shelton’s main talent is being huge, Manny Ogbah and Corey Coleman have their main talents as being names I’ve heard before. Jason McCourty and Briean Boddy-Calhoun were both inside the top thirty at CB on PFF last season, but PFF’s public grades might as well be Madden. Britton Colquitt stays as the most useful member of the Cleveland Browns organization.

The Leftovers:

What’s sadder than being a Cleveland Brown? Being a Cleveland Brown who isn’t protected for a disaster draft. Here’s the carcass the Conquistadors and Arches will fight over. The only spicy player is Jabrill Peppers and yes that is a pun.

Players POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021
Jamar Taylor CB $5,275,000 $5,975,000 UFA
Jabrill Peppers S $2,350,451 $2,820,542 $3,290,634
Nate Orchard OLB $1,421,096 UFA
Carl Nassib DE $995,438 $1,090,438 UFA
Cody Kessler QB $924,295 $1,078,344 UFA
Larry Ogunjobi DT $887,891 $1,065,591 $1,243,391 UFA
Shon Coleman T $874,884 $972,164 UFA
B.W. Webb CB $790,000 UFA
Corey White CB $790,000 UFA
Joe Schobert OLB $788,489 $878,489 UFA
Ricardo Louis WR $771,962 $861,964 UFA
Derrick Kindred S $754,839 $844,839 UFA
Randall Telfer TE $734,385 UFA
Sammie Coates WR $730,000 UFA
Seth Devalve TE $725,848 $815,849 UFA
Howard Wilson CB $706,751 $796,751 $886,751 UFA
Max Bullough ILB $705,000 UFA
Derron Smith SS $705,000 UFA
Charley Hughlett LS $705,000 $805,000 $1,000,000 $1,145,000
Spencer Drango G $681,912 $771,914 UFA
Dominque Alexander ILB $635,834 RFA
Matt Hazel WR $630,000 RFA
Rashard Higgins WR $630,000 RFA
Darius Jackson RB $630,000 $720,000 UFA
Matt Lengel TE $630,000 RFA
Jeremy Cash OLB $630,000 RFA
Mike Jordan CB $630,000 RFA
Roderick Johnson T $621,739 $711,739 $801,742 UFA
Caleb Brantley DT $599,993 $689,993 $779,996 UFA
Zane Gonzalez K $577,289 $667,289 $757,289 UFA
Matt Dayes RB $571,067 $661,067 $751,069 UFA
Zach Banner T $555,000 $645,000 $735,000 UFA
Geoff Gray T $555,000 ERFA
Trevon Coley DT $555,000 ERFA
B.J. Bello ILB $555,000 ERFA
James Burgess ILB $555,000 ERFA
Justin Currie SS $555,000 ERFA
Kai Nacua S $555,000 ERFA
Reggie Porter CB $555,000 ERFA
C.J. Board WR $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Bug Howard WR $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Kasen Williams WR $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Josh Rounds RB $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Kelvin Taylor RB $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Joseph Cheek T $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Victor Salako T $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Ricky Ali’ifua DE $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Collin Bevins DT $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Jeremy Faulk DT $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Austin Calitro ILB $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Trevon Hartfield S $480,000 $570,000 ERFA




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