NFL Power Rankings, Week 15 – Terrible Rankings

I want to personally thank Evan for doing last week’s NFL power rankings. While I disagree with some of his assertions, I think banishing the Denver Broncos for the Clemson Tigers was a good enough idea. Unfortunately, they stomped the Jets and made their way back to the NFL this week. Also, I had to restart the anti-Browns bias. They’re not quite #1, as Evan had, or #2, or #3 through #31. But they’re definitely close to being a top 31 team.

Rank Last Week Team Notes
1 4 Pittsburgh Steelers This offense is completely unstoppable.
2 2 New England Patriots They got their normal in-Miami-pants-around-their-ankles game. Pittsburgh looms for the top spot.
3 3 Minnesota Vikings Taken down by the Panthers on the road isn’t necessarily a huge sin, but not worthy of top-two status.
4 9 Jacksonville Jaguars Passed the test and took out the Seahawks with Blake Bortles (?!)
5 7 Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff was outclassed by Carson Wentz on Sunday. They’re good, but not quite there yet.
6 6 New Orleans Saints The offense looked absolutely lost without Alvin Kamara on Thursday Night, but he should be back from concussion next week.
7 16 Atlanta Falcons Took down the previously red-hot New Orleans Saints. Granted, they tried hard to lose, but failed.
8 8 Seattle Seahawks The RWBS act doesn’t always work. It just sometimes comes overwhelmingly close to working.
9 5 Philadelphia Eagles All you need to know: Carson Wentz – IR (ACL)
10 10 Los Angeles Chargers They’re quickly becoming the second-hottest AFC team.
11 13 Carolina Panthers Who saw that J-Stew day coming? That win seems simultaneously impressive and fluky.
12 11 Baltimore Ravens They might just backdoor their way into the playoffs with the overall weakness of the AFC.
13 14 Detroit Lions Defense isn’t great, running game is worse. Matthew Stafford can only take them so far.
14 24 Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers is back, they automatically end up in the top half of the league.
15 15 Dallas Cowboys Dak’s back, baybee.
16 21 Kansas City Chiefs Got their act together by giving Hunt 25 carries. Will they be smart enough to do it again for the rest of the season?
17 12 Tennessee Titans They are SO BAD how do they have a decent record?
18 22 Buffalo Bills Despite their best efforts, they’re currently the #6 seed in the AFC.
19 19 Washington Redskins I don’t even know what there is to say about Washington. Do they pull the trigger on Cousins again or blow it all up?
20 18 Oakland Raiders They can’t stop circling the drain. This time, they snapped the Chiefs’ skid.
21 17 New York Jets They’re so overwhelmingly embarrassed by the Christian Hackenberg pick they’ll let him be the #3 QB until he retires so nobody can see how bad he is.
22 23 Arizona Cardinals I can’t think of a game I’d want to watch less than Arizona 12, Tennessee 7.
23 25 Miami Dolphins Had an impressive showing against New England, so they get a slight bump in the ranks, only to be returned to the depths next week.
24 20 Cincinnati Bengals In the running for the worst team in Ohio.
25 28 San Fransisco 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo more like Jimmy GOATroppolo.
26 26 Indianapolis Colts There is literally nothing that can be learned from the Colts-Bills snow game. Go get the NFL Game Pass free trial to rewatch it, it’s that amazing.
27 30 Chicago Bears Whooped up on the Bengals a week after losing to the 49ers. Yeah. Sure, why not?
28 27 New York Giants Maybe it’s time to bench Eli?
29 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Buccaneers can’t wait for this season to end. They’re already playing like it has.
30 29 Houston Texans Tom Savage had the shakes and coughed up blood after a vicious hit. Texans fans had the same reaction to this game.
31 NA Denver Broncos Beating the Jets gets you promoted back to the NFL.
32 1 Cleveland Browns Got rid of Sashi, need to get rid of Hue, need to get rid of everything else except for Myles Garrett and Josh Gordon.


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