NFL Power Rankings, Week Twelve – Rock, Flag, and Eagle

There was a lot of shakeup in the week twelve power rankings outside of the very top and the very bottom. A lot of teams have shown their true colors lately, and a lot of paper tigers are being exposed. Which AFC West team is the big loser? Which division has three teams in the top ten of the power rankings? Check out the week twelve power rankings below.

Rank Last Week Team Thoughts
1 1 Philadelphia Eagles An overwhelming trouncing of the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football put the exclamation point on, “the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl” and may not leave the top spot.
2 2 New England Patriots They are essentially a 1a to Philly’s 1b in the power rankings. Brady has been completely unconscious since coming back from suspension last year & defense is coming around.
3 4 Pittsburgh Steelers Thoroughly boat raced the Titans on Thursday Night Football and get ten days rest.
4 5 New Orleans Saints Went toe-to-toe with another potential future NFC Championship Game participant and came away with the W.
5 8 Minnesota Vikings Stopped the NFL’s top offense and earned themselves a top-five spot. I said I didn’t trust the quarterback. I do now.
6 7 Jacksonville Jaguars They showed two weeks in a row they can win despite Blake Bortles. There are like three top-seven DPOY candidates on that defense. Beastly.
7 3 Los Angeles Rams Lost in the trenches and are still looking to figure out where Adam Thielen went.
8 11 Detroit Lions They’re now 3-0 in NFC North road games, without hosting a home division game.
9 14 Atlanta Falcons Went into Seattle and won, which is impressive no matter who is in that secondary.
10 12 Carolina Panthers Let it never be said, the romance is dead. Because there’s so little else occupying my head (BYE).
11 9 Washington Redskins Took the second-best team in the NFC toe-to-toe but lost their best running back and Terrelle Pryor.
12 6 Kansas City Chiefs The 49ers beat the Giants, who beat the Chiefs. They’ve quietly fallen apart on offense, and Andy Reid lost off a Bye.
13 10 Dallas Cowboys They need Zeke, Tyron Smith and Sean Lee back. Hot takery afoot with regards to Dak’s talent level.
14 13 Tennessee Titans They got out of their injury-plagued first half of the season in a good place… to just be completely outmatched. They need to get Derrick Henry more touches and Corey Davis needs to produce.
15 16 Seattle Seahawks Fine I’ll say it. This Seahawks secondary might not be as good without Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor. Gained a spot by default.
16 21 Los Angeles Chargers Joey Bosa is going to be a monster. Joey Bosa already is a monster. They picked off Nathan Peterman five times. Ell Emm Ay Oh.
17 23 Baltimore Ravens The secondary is so dang good. The offense is so dang bad.
18 20 Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton threw for three touchdowns against the Broncos secondary. This is not a drill.
19 15 Oakland Raiders They’re a discombobulated mess headed in the wrong direction. They’re far too talented to be this bad on offense.
20 22 New York Jets There is nothing I need, but the function to breathe. But I’m not really fussed, doesn’t matter to me (BYE).
21 17 Buffalo Bills Nathan Peterman had five interceptions and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job.
22 18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers MISSING: Doug Martin. Last seen with any Tampa Bay defender worth his salt.
23 19 Denver Broncos Fired their offensive coordinator Monday morning. Because he signed Brock Osweiler and made the decision to start him. Now the defense is suddenly bad?
24 26 Houston Texans Beat Arizona in the Who Cares Bowl, so they stay on top of the Cardinals.
25 27 Arizona Cardinals Lost to Houston in the Who Cares Bowl, so they can’t pass the Texans.
26 24 Green Bay Packers Brett Hundley had three interceptions and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job.
27 31 New York Giants Eli Manning lost to the Niners but beat the Chiefs. Yeah. Sure. Why not.
28 25 Chicago Bears The defense is really good, Trubisky is their QB of the future. Let’s hope they aren’t two years away from being two years away.
29 28 Indianapolis Colts Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is canceled. Let the clocks be reset, and the pendulums held (BYE).
30 30 San Francisco 49ers Cause there’s nothing at all, but the space in between. Finding out what you’re called, and repeating your name (BYE).
31 29 Miami Dolphins Jay Cutler had three interceptions and Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job.
32 32 Cleveland Browns The Dolphins are making a super compelling case for this spot.

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