Fantasy Football: Start or Sit Kenny Stills in Week Eight?

I majored in History in college, specifically Cold War history. This part of our historical tapestry is filled with interesting stories, fictional and non-fictional. John Le Carré mined this for his spy works. One such book was The Spy Who Came In from the Cold. In this work, a British spy goes to East Germany to pose as a defector. This week, The WR Who Deserves to Stay Out in the Cold for fantasy football is Kenny Stills. Stills appears to be a good play for your fantasy football squads for this weekend, but much like Alec Leamas, he’s actually a deep cover double agent saboteur.

“Intelligence work has one moral law – it is justified by results.”
A close look at Stills’s stats must be done with an unemotional slant. He’s topped five targets just twice so far this season, and the mere fact that the most recent of these came last week has people putting on the think face emoji pretty hard. Outside of those two games, he has just 14 targets, 10 catches and 163 yards in four games (about 41 a game). He has only one score. Last week he chewed up a godawful Jets team to the tune of 85 yards and two scores, and we’re supposed to suddenly think he’s a great play? He’s not.

“He met failure as one day he would probably meet death, with cynical resentment and the courage of a solitary.”
Unfortunately for those rolling out Stills in an effort to scrape up value in the wake of DeVante Parker likely not making a start, there won’t be much for Stills to mine. The Dolphins will start Matt Moore, who might be a capable lateral move from Jay Cutler. Moore is a deep ball artist, hence idea that Stills will profit. Here’s the issue: the Ravens secondary. No QB has topped 250 yards against them, so going deep isn’t an option. There’s also the issue that in America, no quarterback has two touchdowns against them this year. They’re absolutely devastating, especially to quarterbacks. Stills and Moore will do their best to defeat the Ravens, but will do so to no avail. They will meet failure, and death (getting cut from your squads).

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