Fantasy Football: Start or Sit T.Y. Hilton in Week Seven?

Jacoby Brissett has been an incredible story for the Indianapolis Colts. He salvaged something from their 2017 season, giving them an iota of respectability while Andrew Luck takes the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Cut length trek back to an NFL field. While he’s a great real-life football story, he’s not that great of a fantasy football story for Andrew Luck’s favorite target. While T.Y. Hilton went for over 100 yards just two games ago, the current situation makes for a less-than-stellar matchup this week. Ditch Hilton this week faster than the American psyche ditched Paris Hilton when they discovered Kim Kardashian.

Hilton’s been Brissett’s top target so far this season, receiving 41 targets in six games. Last week was the first Hilton had fewer than six targets, and he did next-to-nothing with them, going for a pathetic nineteen yards. This is the fourth time this season that Hilton’s had fewer than sixty yards, and that’s a problem. Despite going for fewer than sixty yards in four-of-six games, Hilton averages more than eighty yards on the year. Why? When he goes, he goes hard. His other two games (Cleveland and the Niners) totaled 330 yards, which is really, really good.

What’s not so great? His matchup this week. Imagine how bad you think it might be taking on the Jaguars. It’s worse than that. Okay, now re-imagine what you think it is. It’s worse than that. This year only two wide receivers mustered more than ten fantasy points against the Jaguars. One was DeAndre Hopkins week one before they got their legs under them, and one was Antonio Brown, who managed 157 yards, mostly in garbage time. Let’s break it down another way. Wide receivers have one touchdown against the Jags this year. One wide receiver (Brown) has more than seventy yards against them this year. It’s not a formula for success for opposing wide receivers and their fantasy football owners.

While T.Y. Hilton was drafted as a top-fifteen wide receiver option, the lack of Luck makes him an unreliable boom-or-bust play. He boomed two games ago but will bust for the second straight game this week against the Jaguars. The axiom may tell you, “Don’t Sit Your Studs.” Unfortunately, despite draft stock, Hilton is not a stud this week. Feel free to keep him on the sidelines.

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