Miami Dolphins 2022 Fantasy Football Rookie Roundup

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins underwent a facelift in the offseason, getting Mike McDaniel, Terron Armstead, Tyreek Hill, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, Sony Michel, and Cedrick Wilson. The team you’ll see around Tua Tagovailoa in week one will not be anywhere near the team we saw around him in week eighteen last season. I am going to be completely honest with you… we can’t expect much from two guys buried on the depth chart. We got your click, you can skip this one! Or you can read about the fantasy football outlook of Erik Ezukanma and Skylar Thompson.

Rd. Pick Player Pos. College
3 102 Channing Tindall LB Georgia
4 125 Erik Ezukanma WR Texas Tech
7 224 Cameron Goode OLB California
7 247 Skylar Thompson QB Kansas St.
Round 4, Pick 125 Overall: Erik Ezukanma, Wide Receiver, Texas Tech (6’2” 209 lbs)
Depth Chart:
WR1:     Tyreek Hill
WR2:     Jaylen Waddle
WR3:     Cedrick Wilson
WR4:     Erik Ezukanma
WR5:     Preston Williams

Ezukanma has an impressive set of statistics that show both the good and the bad of what he can be in the NFL. In his first two games of the 2021 season, he had 4 catches for 20 yards, combined. In the last two games, he had 13 catches for 322 yards, combined. The 13 catches for 322 yards represent 27% and 46% of his season numbers, respectively. That shows his extreme upside potential, but it also shows his game-to-game volatility. He had just three games over 80 yards on the year, the same number of games wherein he had fewer than 15 yards.

But, he’s more than those numbers, and there’s a very good reason for his volatility: Texas Tech loved to bomb it out to him, and when those bombs don’t connect, then we have trouble. Ezukanama is a big, beefy guy who can handle balls out of the backfield as well as targets downfield and is very strong at the point of the catch. Unfortunately, his routes are just… a mess. He’s an athlete playing receiver, without much to like about the actual receiver part of his game. Given that the head coach last coached Deebo Samuel, and given Ezukanma’s size and athleticism, it’s easy to say he will be Mike McDaniel’s Deebo Samuel. But, Deebo Samuel was also the best wide receiver on the 49ers, not just the best athlete.


That’s where the rub lies. Ezukanma is a good athlete, but he’s not only one of a depth chart full of wide receivers, he’s also one of a depth chart full of wide receivers who can also run a little bit. Remember Lynn Bowden? He’s there. And so is Cedrick Wilson, who has had a handful of carries across his career. He’s too buried in the depth chart to get a significant number of targets or carries to matter for fantasy football. It’s obnoxious because I would love to see him be a fun guy who bullies people out of the gate, but there are simply better pass catchers on the roster.


I doubt he gets more than 40 targets and ten carries this season. While they could get bunched in a way where he’s a hot pickup, I doubt he has sustained fantasy success in his rookie campaign.

Round 7, Pick 247 Overall: Skylar Thompson, Quarterback, Kansas State (6’2” 217 lbs)
Depth Chart:
QB1:      Tua Tagovailoa
QB2:      Teddy Bridgewater
QB3:      Skylar Thompson

Skylar Thompson had the biggest possible red flag other than there being literally nothing on YouTube about him: there being only highlight packages. It means we get to see all the good without any of the bad. The good is that he’s an incredible and effortless runner. He also has a bonkers arm and can just flick the ball for about 50 yards without any real effort, straight into the bucket. Thompson also has great zip in traffic on balls. The man is just an overall competent passer with enough athleticism to make teams worry about playing man against him and not much more. He reminds me a ton of erstwhile starter in Washington, Taylor Heinicke. That having been said, he’s not good, he’s just fun.


Things would have to go horrifically wrong in Miami for us to see Skylar this season. Both Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater would need to go down with injuries. At that point the Dolphins might as well just pack it in, if that happens. Especially since we are, according to the NFL, in a post-COVID world that won’t give us anymore Kendall Hinton Games.


Please don’t even bother with him in any size league.

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