Zamir White 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Zamir White
Zamir White Key Stats:

Running Back, Georgia
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 214
Is he a big boy? I can confirm he is indeed a big boy
RAS: 9.82

Games Watched:
Florida, Clemson, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky

Positives Scouts Saw: 
  • Downhill runner, physical presence
  • Power back, projects as a closer at the next level
  • Runs angry and violent
Negatives Scouts Saw: 
  • Worn tire tread and injury history
  • Potentially too physical of a style that will not translate
  • He’s likely only a two-down back
Positives I Saw:
  • Never goes down on first contact
  • Runs with momentum
  • Impressive acceleration
Negatives I Saw: 
  • Had such good run blocking it’s hard to tell how much he can create on his own
  • Not a three-down back
  • Injury/tread raises concerns about shelf life
As a Prospect:

A dude this big has no reason to run a 4.4 40, yet here we are. A dude that has torn both his ACLs has no reason to run a 4.4 40, and yet once again, here we are. Zeus White is a beast that will get the opportunity to prove it at the next level. My concern is longevity since he has 2 ACL tears and over 380 carries on his résumé. Ironically, as the NFL puts running backs through a constant meat grinder, only to discard them after their rookie contracts, a player with a potentially limited shelf life fits that timeline perfectly. I’ll use this opportunity to remind everyone that NFL players deserve free and comprehensive health care for the rest of their lives after they play pro (or amateur) ball. Heck, maybe we all do!

Fantasy Football Potential:

Zeus White might actually be a decent value for teams and fantasy players. He won’t be a 3 down back, but he can punish the defense on first and second down. He is a threat to rip off chunk plays and even take it the distance with his really surprising speed. His inability to be an elite creator might hurt him, but if he goes to a power running scheme and gets first and second down carries he could be the real deal for a couple of years. He’s worth monitoring and adjusting based on landing spot because he could end up being fantasy viable in the same way a player like Gus Edwards is for Baltimore. 


I hated Zeus White’s tape the first time I watched it, and laughed at a DynastyPros podcast that had him at 1.12 in a 1QB rookie mock. While rewatching, I like him a little bit more as a two-down bruiser that might get the opportunity to start right away. I don’t think he is long for the league, but I think he can make an impact in a vacuum and give a team a solid 3-4 years of production. He is a power RB that doesn’t shy away from contact, but is not big enough to do it for the next 7 to 8 years. Zeus could also find a more niche role like that of a short-yardage specialist for a team that features a smaller back (like in Washington), but his best track to success is high volume in an offense that allows him to get his touches out of the RPO or power I scheme. 

Zeus White Reminds Me Of:

LenDale White

Grade: 81/100

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