Ezra Gray 2022 Draft Prospect Fantasy Football Breakdown

Ezra Gray
Ezra Gray Key Stats:

Running Back/Kick Returner, Alabama State
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 174
Size: Limited
RAS: 1.92

Games Watched:
Do you have any EFFING idea how hard it is to watch Alabama State film 

Positives Scouts Saw: 
  • Good kick returner
  • Good scatback/receiver out of the backfield
Negatives Scouts Saw: 
  • Small
  • Straight ahead runner
  • Lacks top-end speed 
Positives I Saw:
  • Crushed the HBCU combine
  • Electric kick returner
  • Creates great angles in the open field 
Negatives I Saw: 
  • Very small 
  • Competition level 
  • Not much tape
As a Prospect:

How do I talk about a guy that I only saw poorly cobbled together highlight videos of, with no game film and just interviews and shoddy fan cam tape of his longest runs? I need someone on the inside that can hook a dude up with it. Ezra Gray is very small, and not exceptionally fast. If Ezra Gray is drafted, I’ll be surprised (though stranger things have happened). People during highlight tapes kept comparing him to Tarik Cohen, but I think they play two different types of game. Gray is a straight-line guy that lacks elusiveness and creation on his own but showed out on special teams. Ezra Gray might only have value in the return game, but I’ll say it again: stranger things have happened.  

Fantasy Football Potential:

Don’t draft Ezra Gray unless you’re in one of those really weird points per return dynasty leagues, don’t even read more of this article if you’re looking for a redraft diamond in the rough, go read a Jeff Krisko article instead. I don’t even think he’s worth a look in the 4th round of a dynasty rookie draft. Why am I here? How could a loving God permit such cruel things to happen in my day-to-day reality? 


As entropy and the passage of time make us all older and more irrelevant as humans and fantasy football “experts”, players like Ezra Gray are the fidget spinners of 2016. I don’t get it, I don’t pretend to get it, and if you’re reading this and you’re 25 years old I got bad news for you, bucko: IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! You’ll be 25, on top of the world, and then you’ll blink and it’ll be ten years later, you’ll have random spots of soreness that linger for weeks, hangovers last for three days, you’ll grunt when you bend down to tie your shoes, and somewhere there will be an Ezra Gray for you to scout. When that happens, find me and we can go to a concert and stand in the very back with our arms crossed the entire time and complain about how loud the show was the entire ride home. Oh, sorry, I had two beers so I’m not comfortable driving, can you pay for the Lyft? 

Ezra Gray Reminds Me Of:

Jamal Agnew

Grade: 73/100

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