Las Vegas Raiders, Sorry For Your Loss: Grieving Las Vegas

las vegas raiders

We have nearly finished the third month of the NFL season. It’s clearer than ever that 2020 is up for grabs. No one is unstoppable, and before you yell ‘Steelers’ at me remember they squeaked by the Cowboys. There were plenty of juicy matchups in week 11 but one was the litmus test to the postseason swag. The Raiders and Chucky took on the twinkle in the NFL’s eye, the Kansas City Chiefs in the desert. This time, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs got the last laugh. They sent the Silver and Black to the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet line. I am sorry for your loss Las Vegas, but your season is over.

Entering this season, the attention on the Raiders was more about Derek Carr being replaced by another washed-up QB in Marcus Mariota. Truth be told, Derek Carr is doing just fine, and is functional. Sure he has a nine-year-old’s buzz cut and lacks any real excitement to build on but hey, he’s not the hot mess he’s been for years!

The 2020 season is at a crossroads for the Raiders as they have shown they can beat the Chiefs and others at the adult table. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten the new addendum from the competition committee that you can’t beat the Chiefs twice in a season. Mahomes did his standard thing, throwing for 300+ yards and a couple of TDs. Edwards-Helaire did damage on the ground with two rushing TD’s as well. Everyone knows the Chiefs have the offense of a Pro Bowl team, but Las Vegas showed they had no intention of stopping any key player.

Carr and the Raiders saw themselves in the lead with 1:43 left in the game, which converts to about 5:30 minutes for a mediocre QB. Mahomes led a game-winning drive, finding Kelce for a wide-open score. The Chiefs went with seven consecutive passes to win the game. Seven passes in a row?! This makes the Raiders’ defense not only susceptible to the Chiefs but any group of 8th graders playing at recess.

Coach Gruden and the Raiders will likely make the playoffs where they can win a game but ultimately, they are the team great teams sharpen their game against.

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