NFL Draft: New York Jets Fantasy Football Wishlist

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2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: Offensive Line

It’s wild what a difference a year makes. This time last year we were trying to squint and figure out who to go after and who to hype in the Jets offense for fantasy football purposes. We were convinced that it would be Quincy Enunwa or Robby Anderson. Now it’s 2019 and the Jets are the exclusive home of Le’Veon Bell’s services. This certainly changes the tone and tenor of an offensive outfit that broke 22 points just four times last season. It even makes Enunwa and Anderson look competent going into 2019.

Like the Tennessee Titans, I fear that adding too much to this group would convolute situations that require some sediment to settle before we move forward. I like Chris Herndon at tight end, but we’ll see if he fully pans out. Enunwa and Anderson make for a potent one-two punch that needs to figure out their grooves and chemistry. I fear that adding a big man to that wide receiver room would damage the budding talent they already have.

New York Jets Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Item 1: Offensive Linemen, plural

However, I am a realist. And real recognizes real. And I recognize that the Jets offensive line was really bad last year. Pro Football Focus gave one of their players an above average grade, and he was barely there. In fact, it is one of those lines that needs multiple high picks spent on it this year. Blow it up and start over, there’s nothing there for them now. The Jets need one of the first round offensive tackles, and they need to invest more additional picks in that line. If they do that, with Sam Darnold, Bell, and the boys, they could really have something cooking in New York.

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