NFL Draft: New England Patriots Fantasy Football Wishlist

2018’s Best Fantasy Football Player: James White, Running Back
2018’s Biggest Fantasy Football Disappointment: Rob Gronkowski, Tight End
2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: Wide Receiver, Tight End

The earth has completed another rotation around the sun. The cool breezes of fall gave way to the icy freeze of winter, and now we sit at spring. Soon it will be summer, and then we will enter yet another fall with the Patriots as reigning NFL champions. I’m sick of this garbage; sick of Tom Brady open mouth kissing his son on the lips, sick of Bill Belichick grumbling answers at reporters. Sick of it all! Anyway, fantasy football stuff. For the third-straight year, Bill Belichick proved that Belichicanery was dead, as he leaned on both James White and Sony Michel. If someone tells you to ignore Patriots running backs, or that you can’t trust Patriots running backs in fantasy football, then know that they are a charlatan and a fraud.

For the 2019 NFL Draft, the Patriots really only need to address two positions in order to best help fantasy football owners for the upcoming season. Say it with me, people: Tom Brady Needs Weapons

New England Patriots Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Item 1: Tight End

Gronk has spiked his last football. At least, his last football in the NFL. I’m sure he can still do it in his personal time. This will be the first time Brady will be without Gronk in nearly a decade, and the Patriots would be smart to make sure they try to get someone to replicate his production. Oh, just replace a probable Hall of Fame TE. Just that easy. Luckily, this draft is lousy with TE talent. They would have to trade up for someone like Noah Fant or T.J. Hockenson, but since everything breaks right for the Patriots, they will probably be able to pick up Jace Sternberger, who will probably just pick up right where Gronk left off. Oh, how nice for you, Patriots. Pathetic.

New England Patriots Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Item 2: Wide Receiver

While A.J. Brown doesn’t match the melanin profile of the most prolific of Tom Brady’s receivers since Randy Moss left, he does do what they do better than nearly anyone. He has strong hands, and can take any pass to the house. His route running leaves a bit to be desired, but he is Beckham-Jrian in his ability to take a short pass to the house. Another option would be a burner like Marquise Brown or Parris Campbell as a deep threat option to spread the field.

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