NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Wishlist

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2018’s Biggest Fantasy Football Disappointment: Jack Doyle, Tight End
2019 Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist: One Very Specific Slot Wide Receiver

The 2018 iteration of the Indianapolis Colts showed what could happen when the Colts stopped screwing around and decided to actually protect Andrew Luck. Luck was sacked just 18 times over the course of 16 games last season and did not get sacked a single time from week six until week eleven last year. With the offensive line a sudden strength, the tight ends shored up (with the addition of Devin Funchess), and a running back room filled with Marlon Mack and 2018 mid-round picks, there is one very specific need for the Colts for 2019 fantasy football owners.

Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Draft Wishlist, Complete: A.J. Brown

Not since Bran learned that Jon Snow was Aegon Targaryen has a more perfect vision existed. A.J. Brown, a 6’0” 226-pound wide receiver out of Ole Miss is exactly what the doctor ordered for the Indianapolis Colts passing game. They are set with a top-flight WR1 in T.Y. Hilton, and Luck has a bevy of big, slow targets (Funchess, Ebron, and Doyle, along with all-name team finalist Mo Alie-Cox). What he needs is a strong, dynamic, catch-and-run specialist. And that’s exactly what A.J. Brown would give the Colts out of the slot.

Brown can play in the slot, or in the outside, but the Colts don’t need another outside threat. Putting A.J. Brown in the middle to feast on mismatches created by the rest of the team is exactly what the Colts (and fantasy football owners) need to help boost their prospects in 2019. Should the Colts get Brown, he immediately vaults into the WR3 discussion; it’s just too perfect a match. The Colts thrive with a strong possession receiver opposite Hilton (see Donte Moncrief), but a quality, dynamic playmaker? Magnificent.

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