Sorry for Your Loss: Washington Redskins Season Ended Week 11

Washington Redskins Season Ended Week 11

Welcome back survivalists! Week 11 has provided some very compelling wins and losses to the playoff picture. I was on the fence about which team is staring at the plug being pulled in front of their very eyes. After a quick gut check, I realized there’s no denying the end of the line for the Washington Redskins. I am, so sorry for your loss, Washington friends. This season is over, sure there’s math on your side, but this isn’t the mathletes.

It was 33 years to the day where Joe Theismann was sacked by LT and had the most gruesome injury we’re allowed to talk about in public. Joe was there, in the stadium in some eerie foreshadowing like when they say a kicker hasn’t missed all day before he shanks one wide right. Full disclosure, I don’t care about Washington. They’re part of the perennial hot mess that is the NFC East. I wonder, what’s more painful for Alex Smith: that double fracture, or playing out the contract in Washington?

Losing by one score is always a stinger but to get your QB knocked out for the season while somehow managing to still be in first place is a death sentence. I know, last year it worked for Philly. Well, sure, why don’t you go hoping Colt McCoy is the second coming of Nick Foles. Whoa, I feel drunk just for typing that.

Washington’s young defense is what could keep the pulse on this season. The offense is a roster that screams ‘no way, he’s still playing?’ Adrian Peterson, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, Michael Floyd, Vernon Davis, and Jordan ‘Captain Concussion’ Reed all our suiting up like a 14 team fantasy roster, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The remaining schedule has four of six games in the conference. This is the division that once gave us an 8-8 playoff team. Washington will be lucky to win two more games this year. When Smith’s leg snapped like an anti-wishbone, their season got the short end. There was such great optimism in Washington this year. They were out to prove Kirk Cousins wrong. Sadly, this season is bookending with bad breaks. First Guice goes down, now Smith.

The biggest setback is NFL fans having to deal with the idea of division champion Cowboys. Yeah, I threw up a little too.

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