Start or Sit Eric Ebron in Fantasy Football Week Three?

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Start or Sit Eric Ebron

It’s week three of the NFL season, and as crazy as it seems, we will already be a major chunk of the way through the 2018 fantasy football regular season when the Steelers and Buccaneers wind down on Monday Night Football. So far, we’ve had some spectacular ups-and-downs in terms of out-of-nowhere players suddenly playing amazing, and amazing players suddenly playing like they’ve never seen a football field before. We now have to samples of data for the NFL season, and it’s a mess to try to make heads or tails of this so early in the season. However, we at Football Absurdity are here to help you think through some of your tough weekly lineup decisions. For example, should you start or sit Eric Ebron as the Indianapolis Colts take on the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles?

Through the first couple of games of the season, Eric Ebron had box score production that made him a valuable fantasy football asset. He scored two touchdowns and chipped in 76 yards in the process. However, the newest Indianapolis pass catcher suffered from a Jack Doyle problem. Namely, Doyle outsnapped Ebron 136-53 across the two games, and had fifteen targets to Ebron’s nine. Well, that all changes this week as Jack Doyle has officially been ruled out for this weekend. That’ll give Ebron’s exceptional catch rate and yards per catch a chance to stretch its legs. If he gets Doyle’s targets, a touchdown is a gimme, and sixty yards is well within the cards against a generic opponent. Think that’s enough to decide whether to start or sit Eric Ebron? Not quite.

The World Champs, unfortunately, are not a generic opponent. Fortunately for Ebron, however, they have a weak spot for tight ends so far this year. They played platonic ideal of a middling tight end Austin Hooper in week one, and he had just three catches for 24 yards. Last week, they played an actual, quality tight end in O.J. Howard, and Howard went for 96 yards and a score, including a 75-yard catch and run that saw him weaving in and out of the defense. While Ebron is no O.J. Howard, he’s a lot closer to Howard than he is to Austin Hooper.

Eric Ebron had a huge Jack Doyle problem holding him down, and produced despite that fact. Now, he’s free from Doyle, and takes on a defense that O.J. Howard just gashed. Look for Ebron to be a big target this weekend, and start him wherever you have him. Start or sit Eric Ebron was originally on the slate as a sit. That’s how much losing Jack Doyle does for his outlook. Fire up your Ebrons this weekend, he’s now a solid start.

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