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Week Two Fantasy Football WR Sleepers

Look, fantasy football isn’t fair. Sometimes you miss out on every single bid you make in FAAB, or somehow every player you want is plucked off waivers before your priority comes around. That leaves free agency to fill the holes in your roster you wish a guy off the wire would have filled. That’s okay, every week players pop up and become the next guy you can lose out on in FAAB. These are the best of the rest, the guys available freely in every league. These wide receiver sleepers for week one are available in at least 50% of leagues, with one guy available in at least 90% of leagues for you deep divers. For week two, you really shouldn’t be reading this, as you should play the guys you drafted. However, some of you are juggling WR3s in deeper leagues or just need a streamer out of desperation. These week two fantasy football wide receiver sleepers should provide you with all the help you need. Ownership percentages are from Yahoo! and are as of Friday.

Kelvin Benjamin at Los Angeles Chargers (48% owned)
Kelvin Benjamin barely makes it under the 50% threshold, and it’s shocking that despite the abomination the Bills showed week one, that people would already dump their top wide receiver. There’s nobody else to throw to in Buffalo, as evidenced by his whopping 195 air yards last week (fourth on the week). The Chiefs dropped 38 on the Chargers last week, and while the Bills aren’t the Chiefs (understatement of the century), they should drop a few scores on them. Benjamin will be the beneficiary, which is why he tops our list of week two fantasy football WR sleepers.

Dante Pettis versus Detroit Lions (13% owned)
Pettis had 61 yards and a touchdown in one of the more bonkers scores last weekend against a Vikings defense that is much better than the one the Lions bring to Santa Clara on Sunday. Pettis’ ownership percentage will shoot up as WR1 Marquise Goodwin is already declared out for Sunday. This one is likely to see the Niners dropping at least 30 points on the Lions, and there’s no way George Kittle and Pierre Garcon can absorb them all (since Pettis is better than them).

James Washington versus Kansas City (3% owned)
The Washington Express went off the big, fat rails last week (and not the good kind). He didn’t get a single target in his eleven offensive snaps, but the entire Steelers offense turned to trash. It took them five quarters to score three touchdowns against the Browns. The Browns! This week, the Chiefs defense that saw four touchdowns dropped on them last week comes to town. They also let wide receivers get behind them, which is especially why I’m bullish on JW this week. Four different Chargers wideouts had at least eighty air yards against them, with two wide receivers having an average depth of target over fifteen yards. The problem? The drops. Tyrell Williams and Kelvin Benjamin dropped huge deep shots. Washington’s good hands will make sure that’s not a problem this week, so he’s a solid member of our week two fantasy football WR sleepers.


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