2018 Disaster Draft: The Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers have lost two of their last five seasons due to Aaron Rodgers injuries that caused him to miss about half the season. In 2012, they stormed back to make the playoffs, but fell just short this season. These injuries to Rodgers revealed something about their roster: it’s not very good outside of the man who could be the best football player on the planet. A disaster draft sees them actually getting out from under a bum contract or two to clear some cap space… though they’re already going to do that (cough, Randall Cobb, cough). Without further ado, here are the sixteen players the Packers and their new front office decide to keep in a double disaster draft.

Players lost to free agency: Morgan Burnett, Davon House, Jahri Evans, Richard Rodgers, Jeff Janis

The No Doubters:

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Aaron Rodgers QB $20,562,500 $21,100,000 UFA
Jordy Nelson WR $12,518,750 UFA
Clay Matthews OLB $11,368,750 UFA
David Bakhtiari LT $11,075,000 $14,000,000 $14,000,000 UFA
Nick Perry OLB $10,750,000 $14,700,000 $14,300,000 $14,100,000 UFA
Davante Adams WR $10,537,500 $10,600,000 $16,600,000 $16,600,000 UFA
Mike Daniels DT $9,837,500 $10,900,000 UFA
Jake Ryan ILB $819,169 UFA
Blake Martinez ILB $725,848 $815,849 UFA

Rodgers is a no-doubter, as he’s the straw the stirs the drink for the entire state of Wisconsin. Nelson might be playing out the string as he hasn’t looked like Jordy for a couple seasons now, ditto with his fellow toe head Clay Matthews. David Bakhtiari, Nick Perry and Davante Adams are here for the long haul and it would be absolutely moronic to cut them. Daniels was their best lineman in 2017, and Jake Ryan and Blake Martinez are probably the best defensive duo in terms of quality production meeting with affordability. They’re the most no-doubt duo out there… so far.

The More-Than-Likely Staying:

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Ty Montgomery RB $880,137 UFA
Jamaal Williams RB $696,498 $786,498 $876,498 UFA
Aaron Jones RB $605,484 $695,484 $785,485 UFA
Bryan Bulaga RT $7,903,125 $8,350,000 UFA
HaHa Clinton-Dix FS $5,597,000 UFA
Kenny Clark DE $2,553,176 $2,978,707 UFA
Lane Taylor G $4,193,750 $5,475,000 $5,925,000 UFA

If you have two starting quarterbacks, you have no starting quarterbacks. If you have three running backs for less than $2.5 million next season, even if one is actually a wide receiver, you have a core worth hanging onto to figure out who will come out victorious. While the Green Bay running back situation will give fantasy football players ulcers in 2018, it is one that is a wonderful problem for Green Bay to have. Bulaga and Taylor are quality offensive linemen and worth a hold. Kenny Clark is good and cheap, and HaHa Clinton-Dix has gone through enough in his life with a name like that. He stays.

The Leftovers:

These guys have to Green Bay Pack their bags and head over to either St. Louis or Mexico City. The biggest player of note would be Randall Cobb here, who will most definitely be starting on one of those squads in 2018.

Player POS. 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Randall Cobb WR $12,718,750 UFA
Mason Crosby K $5,250,000 $4,850,000 UFA
Lance Kendricks TE $2,225,000 UFA
Kevin King CB $1,609,291 $1,931,150 $2,253,010 UFA
Jason Spriggs T $1,364,807 $1,592,276 UFA
Quinten Rollins CB $1,190,818 UFA
Josh Jones S $962,139 $1,154,567 $1,346,997 UFA
Kyler Fackrell OLB $836,512 $925,792 UFA
Montravius Adams DT $782,194 $872,194 $956,194 UFA
Brett Hundley QB $760,908 UFA
Vince Biegel OLB $728,435 $818,435 $908,438 UFA
Dean Lowry DE $725,848 $815,849 UFA
Demetri Goodson CB $705,000 UFA
Trevor Davis WR $686,794 $776,794 UFA
Kyle Murphy T $661,535 $751,536 UFA
Josh Hawkins CB $631,668 RFA
Kentrell Brice S $630,668 RFA
Marwin Evans S $630,000 RFA
Devante Mays RB $573,759 $663,759 $753,759 UFA
Lenzy Pipkins CB $556,666 $646,668 RFA
Justin Vogel P $556,666 $646,668 RFA
Chris Odom DE $555,000 $645,000 RFA
David Talley OLB $555,000 $645,000 RFA
Jake Kumerov WR $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Colby Pearson WR $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
DeAngelo Yancey WR $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Joel Bouganon RB $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Kofi Amichia C $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Ahmad Thomas S $480,000 $570,000 ERFA
Zach Triner LS $480,000 $570,000 ERFA


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