Free Agency Primer: Quarterbacks

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The confetti is all but swept away from this past Sunday’s Super Bowl.  Congratulations to the Chiefs and their fans! Unfortunately, the rest of the league and their fans are left sulking in their bowls of salsa and queso. Fortunately, there’s plenty of quarterbacks in free agency this offseason. Sure there’s talent in the draft but it’s not a plug and play situation every time (see Daniel Jones). 2020 is going to be your team’s year! (Unless they’re Washington, Jacksonville, Chicago, Detroit, and Cincinnati well ok hang in there). Where is your favorite quarterback (and Tom Brady) going in free agency?

Drew Brees:

This marriage will stay together for the kids. Brees has to exercise his option to become a free agent. I don’t think he does, but if he does… One more year in the bayou under the franchise tag should do just fine. Then they’ll be in the rebuild. 

Tom Brady:

Tagging Brady makes sense if you’re Robert Kraft. However, if you Belichick, you need to move on to someone who can throw more than a check down. Look for Brady to wash up in a pastel L.A. Chargers uni while they groom the pending Justin Herbert train wreck. 

Phillip Rivers:

This is not supposed to be how it ends for any Pro-Bowl level QB. Rivers dumped his team. Then they said they dumped him. He packed up and moved down to Florida with his family. So, now that he’s on the opposite end of America from the Chargers, it makes sense for him to land where there’s some aptitude yet familiarity with being inept. Welcome to Tampa Bay!

Teddy Bridgewater: 

Who doesn’t like a comeback?! Teddy has some stats and wins to show he’s worth signing. That being said, who can afford his price and risk of injury? If I can play matchmaker, I’d buy the Colts winning the division behind Bridgewater. That division is weak and the Colts are a formidable prospect in 2020.

Jameis Winston:

What if Brett Farve were more of a headache? Hello Mr. Winston. His team openly said they can win with or without him… but who will throw the two interceptions a game?! Jameis may throw picks but he won’t fumble a clipboard. See you on the sidelines in Vegas. 

Marcus Mariota:

Mariota and Winston are the Bert and Ernie of failed blue-chip QB’s. Maybe upon walking out of Tennessee, Marcus has coffee with Tannehill and learns the trick to outperforming his status as a sub-par QB. I bet he’s starting in Chicago by week six. 

Ryan Tannehill:

Go on with your bad self Tannehill! Well, actually, go on from your bad self. Sign whatever Tennessee will give you. I bet it’s a three-year club option on a fourth. It won’t break the bank but commit to the team investing in more talent around him. Who’s a good game manager?! You’re a good lil game manager!

Josh McCown:

It has been said that McCown has some left in the tank. Given Wentz being made of porcelain, he’s likely going to resign in Philly or go back to coaching high schoolers. 

Dak Prescott:

I thought this would be a long term deal but apparently, there’s a fine mutual level of stubbornness in Dallas. I can’t see Dak anywhere else. He is a Cowboy and should at least get franchised then extended when McCarthy and Co. win a playoff game. 

Taysom Hill:

Buzz is Taysom is getting the keys to the Saints when old man Brees retires. Taysom signs a two-year deal, with a club option for a third. 

Kyle Allen:

An undrafted QB with potential. Allen had some flashes of skill but lost steam. I see him as a reliable back up in Carolina. 

Case Keenum:

This man has been paid so well to relocate every year. The ghost of Case Keenum no longer lives in Minnesota. It doesn’t haunt Denver or even Washington…he’s a perfect reincarnation of Nick Foles. Fly Eagles Fly! 

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